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Expert-Guided with Daily Online Calls

 January 18-22, 2024

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 5 Live Sessions
 3 Videos
 12 Hours

Feel clear & cleansed for the holidays! 

Flush out stagnation and residual emotions from the year, refresh, refocus and refine your 2024 intentions.

What if you approached your holiday season with a different attitude and protocol? This 5-day cleansing detox has been planned by Oksana Sokol as a supportive post festive reset to welcome the new year on a good note.
This online retreat is ideal for juicing first-timers and experienced detoxers wanting to feel confident in maintaining healthy holiday eating and drinking habits. Feel fully supported with daily check-ins and personalized care. This retreat comes with a Cleanse Manual, listing ingredient needs and healthy recipes to help you prepare. 

Daily chats via the private WhatsApp group and Zoom calls will keep you motivated to meet your daily goals, have you laughing and highlight how empowering the cleansing experience can be in a group dynamic.
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Divinely timed after the festive season, Oksana will share how juicing can help you look and feel fantastic during the holiday season - and into every New Year to come
If you are ready to experience the power of healing and recalibration this cleanse is for you - experience in a very short time how you can enjoy more energy and a show up as a lighter and a more vibrant You!

Live guidance and interactive learning

Knowledge equals empowerment so learning as you experience the release and letting go process of cleansing helps maintain focus and motivation. Join Live Zoom (& recorded) expert talk sessions introducing you to Ubud’s expert detox specialists that include a Holistic Doctor, Colon Care Therapist and Motivational Speaker.

Join Live Workshops to receive personalized care, wellbeing knowledge, expert professional advice, humor, compassion and motivation. 
Oksana Sokol
Program Facilitator
Anita Taylor
Colon Hydrotherapist
Tessa Juhl
Fasting and Spiritualist
Opening Live Session
Daily Detox Check-ins
Expert Talks
Live Closing
WhatsApp Group
January 18, 5.00pm Bali

Welcome Circle

Year ends are such a potent time to reflect on your achievements, refresh and refocus on new year intentions. Join the welcome circle to connect with your facilitator and launch properly into this program.
Jan 19-21, 5.00pm Bali

Learn from Your Facilitator

Oksana's proven and successful Online Detox Program guides you through a total body, mind and education detox process - with her daily live calls being an integral part of the experience.
LIVE calls on Jan 19-21, 5.00pm Bali or available as recordings

Expand Your Learning with Complementary Knowledge

Watch five expert-led talks on Colon Care, Essential Oils, Herbs for Detoxification, Raw Food Preparation and the Power of the Mind. See more details in the schedule.
Jan 22, 5.00pm Bali

Closing Circle

What's next after your detox? This session will be dedicated to helping you continue with practices that will support your optimal health and well-being.
Anytime during the cleanse program

You’ve Got Questions? Ask Anytime!

The WhatsApp group is your support community and direct line of communication with other participants and Oksana throughout the duration of the detox. 

How does this program work?

Booking in advance means you have time to receive your detailed Cleanse Manual, prepare ingredients for your choice of juices, liquid recipes, and detox herbs. Mentally preparing yourself is helped by not rushing to clear your diary and prepping friends or family about your ‘healthier you’ commitment.  
  • Join Live daily Zoom sessions with Oksana and watch the recorded expert talks at your convenience!
  • Get support, guidance and encouragement on the dedicated Cleanse WhatsApp Group chat
  • Flexible schedule of the program allows you to continue working or fit the elements around your schedule
  • Unlimited access to the complete Yoga Barn Online class library allows you the option to immerse into a retreat-at-home experience
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A health "reboot"

This flexible at-home juice cleanse experience commits and gifts you life-changing habits that you get to integrate in your daily routine. The change of focus will extend beyond your 5 days!

Reset eating habits

Kickstart metabolism

Reduce chronic stress levels

Feel more energy and inspiration

Improve digestion, reduce bloating, nausea, cramps

What's included?

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5 Daily live support and sharing calls to stay the course

3 Expert Health Talk Videos

A detailed manual with all the information you need to prepare juices / recipes

Unlimited Access to Yoga Barn Online 170+ on-demand classes (during the cleanse program + 7 days after)

Ongoing Support from your Detox facilitator Oksana Sokol

Call Recordings

Cleanse WhatsApp group

What participants say

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"My cleanse with Oksana was amazing and supportive in every way. I have always wanted to do a juice cleanse but never found one that I thought was safe and natural until this! I love that we create all of our own juices! I learned so much new information but especially the importance of doing regular cleanses. It was so easy to tap into all of the zoom calls and have the constant support from this group to answer ALL of my questions!" - Stephanie (USA)
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"It is not an exaggeration to say this cleanse changed my life. Through Oksana and this incredible process I was able to give my digestive system a much needed break, release toxins and parasites and lose 12 lbs. It wasn’t easy but then we’d have our group call where we could share and support one another and I’d feel re-energized. I honestly don’t think I could have made it through without those calls. I learned so much about how my body works and tools I can use daily to support my healing. Oksana you’re an amazing soul and I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support❣️" - Melinda (USA)
"Simply Powerful and Inspiring. Oksana was also really going out of her
way to help me out with herbs etc and answering everyone's questions in
the WA group after the actual program." - Casimir (Iceland)
"I went on this detox journey with Oksana and a wonderful group of people right as I was completing the end of my first trimester of pregnancy. I am now 2 weeks from birth and I can say without hesitation that it was one of the best decisions I made for my health during that crucial time. I did not feel uncomfortable at any point during the detox, and instead it gave my body the strong start it needed for a healthy pregnancy. Every time I had a question on whether some herb or other recommended item or practice was safe for pregnancy, Oksana found me an answer quickly. The videos and group chats were invaluable, and have given me habits I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to doing another cleanse after my daughter’s birth, and to one day making my way back to Bali to do one in person!" - Asia (USA)
Reach out to our team & instructor to learn more about this training! Get in touch here.

Is this suitable for people with no detox experience?

This program fully supports detox newbies as well as seasoned cleansers. Be guided completely or use this opportunity to jump-start your detox program using your own techniques. Some may want to water fast or combine water with juicing. Some might feel smoothies and soups are a great bench-mark. Everyone is welcome!

What will be provided for the retreat?

When you book, you will get access to the Cleanse Manual which has all the information you need to prepare. We recommend that you start on a transitioning diet a week before to make the most of your retreat. Once the retreat starts and for 7 days after the end, you will also be able to access the entire class library of Yoga Barn Online, three pre-recorded expert talks and the Zoom links for all the live sessions. There will also be a WhatsApp support group-chat for the duration of the program.

How do I know what juices to drink?

You will find a Recipe Guide inside your Cleanse Manual with recipes and menu templates ideas for each day including juices, shakes and cleansing soups. There is a shopping list, substitution ideas and lots of options. Also included in the manual are some easy recipes that you can make before and after the cleanse retreat.

What do I need for the retreat?

An open heart, willingness to transform and calling to empower yourself with this knowledge
Also, a juicer or blender

Retreat Schedule

Planning your day across a juice fast helps you stay the course adding motivation, relaxation and inspiration for achieving your detox goals. Scheduling your live zoom check-ins, or time to watch recorded sessions means you will get the most out of the expertise on offer.
Breath and movement equally add many benefits during the detox process which is why free access to our 170+ class library is of value. Our suggested twice daily yoga, guided meditations, and sound healing classes can be switched up, or feel free to discover what meets your mental and physical energy levels on any particular day.

Purchase & Start

Begin your 5-day juice cleanse and feel more vibrant. 
Meet the instructor

Oksana Sokol

Oksana's personal journey with health challenges led her to immerse and practice nutrition with living foods, energy healing and detox. Through nature, connection and the ability to grasp the moment, she has set out to make her life her fullest expression... could life herself be her art? Yoga for her is a way of life, consciously living every moment of the day, aligning her values with her actions and connections. She creates retreats and experiences with the ultimate goal of sharing ideas and inspiration about living a fuller, more enriched life.
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