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Expert-Guided with Daily Online Calls

 1-7 June, 2023

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 9 Live Sessions
 9 Videos
 5.5 Hours

Course Lessons

Lymphatic Detox for Immune Boosting & Weight Loss - the Educated and Embodied Way

Is it time to revitalize your energy, expedite healing, move stagnation, reduce swelling and overall puffiness?

See and feel positive results from this specialized lymphatic system detox in just 7 days. This online retreat is for everyone and includes a full preparation manual, daily check-ins and personalized care. If you are in need of illness recovery to boost your immune system, or to cleanse away pain and inflammation, shift excess weight and flush out water retention, join Oksana Sokol for expert health guidance. This retreat comes with a Detox Manual, listed ingredient needs and healthy recipes.

Always keeping it real, meet other detoxers online, laugh and share daily goals and experience how detoxing equals personal empowerment. 
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Powerup your lymphatic system for a healthier you by cleansing toxins to move energy, lose weight, eliminate pain and reduce inflammation.

If you are ready to experience the power of healing this detox is for you - experience in a very short time how your skin and eyes start to glow from proper kidney filtration and how much waste can be removed to make room for more energy and a lighter and a more vibrant You!

Live guidance and interactive learning. Engage with the experts.

Drink from the detox cup by learning from Live Zoom (& recorded) expert talk sessions introducing you to Ubud’s expert detox specialists that include a Holistic Doctor, Colon Care Therapist, Raw Food Chef, Detoxification Specialist and Iridologist.

Join Live Workshops to receive personalized care, wellbeing knowledge, expert professional advice, humor, compassion and motivation. 
Oksana Sokol
Program Facilitator
Anita Taylor
Colon Hydrotherapist
Tessa Juhl
Fasting and Spiritualist
Dex Murphy
Regenerative Detox Specialist
Opening Live Session
Daily Detox Check-ins
Expert Talks
Live Closing
WhatsApp Group
June 1, 7.00 WITA (UTC+8) || 10.00 AET (UTC+11) || 18.00 EST (UTC-5)

Welcome Circle

New beginnings need new intentions and motivations. Join the welcome circle to connect with your facilitator and launch properly into this program.
June 2-7, 7.00 WITA (UTC+8) || 10.00 AET (UTC+11) || 18.00 EST (UTC-5)

Learn from Your Facilitator

Oksana's proven and successful Online Detox Program guides you through a total body, mind and education detox process - with her daily live calls being an integral part of the experience.
Various Times || June 2-7,  7.00 WITA (UTC+8) || 10.00 AET (UTC+11) || 18.00 EST (UTC-5)

Expand Your Learning with Complementary Knowledge

Watch five expert-led talks on Colon Care, Essential Oils, Herbs for Detoxification, Raw Food Preparation and the Power of the Mind. See more details in the schedule.
June 7, 7.00 WITA (UTC+8) || 10.00 AET (UTC+11) || 18.00 EST (UTC-5)

Closing Circle

What's next after your detox? This session will be dedicated to helping you continue with practices that will support your optimal health and well-being.
Anytime during the detox program

You’ve Got Questions? Ask Anytime!

The WhatsApp group is your support community and direct line of communication with other participants and Oksana throughout the duration of the detox. 

How does this program work?

Booking in advance means you have time to receive your detailed Detox Manual, prepare ingredients for your choice of juices, liquid recipes, and detox herbs. Mentally preparing yourself is helped by not rushing to clear your diary and prepping friends or family about your ‘healthier you’ commitment.  
  • Join Live daily Zoom sessions with Oksana or other experts (or watch the recordings at your convenience!)
  • Get support, guidance and encouragement on the dedicated Detox WhatsApp Group chat
  • Flexible schedule of the program allows you to continue working or fit the elements around your schedule
  • Unlimited access to the complete Yoga Barn Online class library allows you the option to immerse into a retreat-at-home experience
Physically how it works is this retreat will utilize the power of lymphatic and kidney herbs and astringent fruit to dislodge mucous. You will also practice cleansing techniques and listen to some of the leading detox experts to deepen your understanding.
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Address health imbalances and symptoms

This flexible at-home detox experience commits and gifts you life-changing habits that you get to integrate in your daily routine. The change of focus will extend beyond your 7 days!

Improve immunity, relieve swollen glands

Create emotional health awareness

Improve digestion, reduce bloating, nausea, cramps

Relieve mental fatigue, anxiety, brain fog

Unblock stagnation such as cellulite and water retention

Balance & assist hormonal health

Improve overall circulation

Address auto-immune responses in the body

Reduce chronic stress levels

What's included?

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7 Daily live support and sharing calls to stay the course

12 Live & prerecorded Expert Health Talks

A detailed manual with all the information you need to prepare juices / recipes

Ongoing Support from your Detox facilitator Oksana Sokol

Detox WhatsApp group

Unlimited Access to Yoga Barn Online 220 on-demand classes (during the detox program)

What participants say

The 7-Day Lymphatic Detox program with Oksana Sokol and the team of Yoga Barn practitioners forever changed the way I see and understand the detox process. I have done different kinds of detoxes in the past, but I always struggled throughout them and never really had a deep understanding of what is going on in our bodies during a detox and what we can do to help and support this process. Well, this program gave me that, and so much more. It felt like my personal 7-day retreat, where each day was carefully planned and filled out with activities and various modalities that support, nurture, educate, uplift and spark curiosity. Especially useful for me was being part of a group of women and doing this together with them. The detox helped with my digestion, cleared up a lot of accumulated toxins, cleared up my skin, improved my sleep, dramatically shifted my relationship with food, and also helped with mind clarity and my ability to focus. Oksana is an amazing practitioner and a detox specialist, very knowledgeable, as well as kind, accessible and an inspirational human. I cannot recommended this program enough!
Marina K., Indonesia
Oksana is a wonderful woman and she's got your back anytime. The fact that the WhatsApp group is created also helps a lot! It's fun!
The program is flexible for all and very complete, super motivating, perfect for new beginnings, clean fresh start and capital for your health. The fact that you have access to the Yoga Barn classes online makes it a perfect Bali retreat, just as if you were in Indonesia, and that really helps focusing on your body & mind and enhances the focus on your detox goals and self-care routines.
Delphine, Belgium
Reach out to our team & instructor to learn more about this training! Get in touch here.

Is this suitable for people with no detox experience?

This program fully supports detox newbies as well as seasoned cleansers. Be guided completely or use this opportunity to jump-start your detox program using your own techniques. Some may want to water fast or combine water with juicing. Some might feel smoothies and soups are a great bench-mark. Everyone is welcome!

What will be provided for the retreat?

When you book, you will get access to the Detox Manual which has all the information you need to prepare. We recommend that you start on a transitioning diet a week before to make the most of your retreat. Once the retreat starts and for 7 days after the end, you will also be able to access the entire class library of Yoga Barn Online, two pre-recorded expert talks and the Zoom links for all the live sessions. There will also be a WhatsApp support group-chat for the duration of the program.

How do I know what juices to drink?

You will find a Recipe Guide inside your Detox Manual with recipes and menu templates ideas for each day including juices, shakes and cleansing soups. There is a shopping list, substitution ideas and lots of options. Also included in the manual are some easy recipes that you can make before and after the detox.

What do I need for the retreat?

An open heart, willingness to transform and calling to empower yourself with this knowledge
Also, a juicer or blender

Program Schedule & Overview

Planning your day across a detox helps you stay the course adding motivation, relaxation and inspiration for achieving your detox goals. Scheduling your live zoom check-ins, or time to watch recorded sessions means you will get the most out of the expertise on offer.
Breath and movement equally add many benefits during the detox process which is why free access to our 150+ class library is of value. Our suggested twice daily yoga, guided meditations, and sound healing classes can be switched up, or feel free to discover what meets your mental and physical energy levels on any particular day.

Purchase & Start

Begin your Lymphatic Detox and heal yourself. 

 Purchase before May and enjoy 10% Early Bird discount

Meet the instructor

Oksana Sokol

Oksana Sokol is The Yoga Barn's Detox and Digestion Consultant in the Wellness faculty in Ubud. She is a truly vibrant detox, life and wellness advocate who runs unforgettable programs off and online focusing on the personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment through positive change. She knows first hand that responsible fasting and focused nutrition heals through the power of detox and inner nourishment.
Skillfully combining her knowledge in raw food, detoxification, gut health, energy healing, cleansing, mindfulness practices, and a deepened understanding of yoga, she facilitates people towards the expansion of possibilities. Transforming stagnation into energy she inspires others with her own enthusiasm towards a more a conscious, harmonious and meaningful life.
Oksana's talks and Q&A sessions are ideal to learn and ask questions relating to particular topics. As a consultant she offers full review of diet, relationships with food, cycles of addictions, weight and body image, correct food combining, better mental health, the detox process, proper nutrient absorption, and digestive related issues.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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