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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Detox & Liver Flushing

 Live Webinar | January 18

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Jan 18
4 pm (GMT+8)
live session
FREE | 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Detox & Liver Flushing Talk and Q&A
(Recording will be available)

Meet Oksana Sokol, Nutrition
& Detox Guru | Open Q&A

This FREE informal talk about all things nutrition, health and detox.

Learn the holistic health benefits of fasting, juicing or liquid detoxing and how regardless of whether you have a gall bladder or not, that Liver Flushing can revive wellbeing, instigate healing and correct physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Liver Flushing done naturally offers the release of gallstones, toxins and acids and all over body cleansing.

If you are new to the concept of juicing and fasting as a natural remedy for modern health conditions this is an ideal talk to join. Oksana is a passionate and experienced detox retreat facilitator who can answer all your questions. Register now to join FREE!

Oksana Sokol, Nutritional and Detox consultant of The Yoga Barn, and facilitator of YogaBarnOnline 7-Day Detox Program is excited to meet you.

What you will learn:

How cleansing toxins from the body can optimize your health

How to cultivate a robust immune system

How detox can balance emotions and support mental wellness

How to prevent seasonal flu

How to get better nutrition in your day

+ Any health and detox questions you bring!

Joining this FREE live talk is a committed step towards prioritizing your health and changing possible lifelong habits. This will be an interactive call so book your spot now and bring your health questions to the Q&A. 

Reserve Your Spot Now!

FREE | Understanding Health & Detox Talk
Meet the instructor

Oksana Sokol

Oksana's personal journey with health challenges led her to immerse and practice nutrition with living foods, energy healing and detox. Through nature, connection and the ability to grasp the moment, she has set out to make her life her fullest expression... could life herself be her art? Yoga for her is a way of life, consciously living every moment of the day, aligning her values with her actions and connections. She creates retreats and experiences with the ultimate goal of sharing ideas and inspiration about living a fuller, more enriched life.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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