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Learn how to navigate grief without getting lost.

Grief is such an emotional and mental energy that can become congested in our physical bodies. Grief can be associated with the loss of loved ones, job loss and many of life’s transitions. Learning to understand how our bodies react to grief as it shows up is paramount to our overall wellbeing, spiritual buoyancy and relationships with ourselves and others.

Yoga for Living with Loss, created by Sheena Nancy Sarles, is your opportunity to explore traditional yogic techniques such as breathing practices, gentle yoga movements, meditation and rest. Learning through the lens of the 7 chakras, this series of 45 minute yoga classes, teaches how the spiritual, emotional and physical body respond to grief. 

Outcomes over time are more balanced levels of emotion, the ability to let go and awareness to subtle markers of healing and acceptance along the grieving journey. Embody, explore and embrace each class in the privacy of your own home. Adapt and revisit each class as needed, making peace with grief as an emotion and remedying its impact on your life and relationships with others. 
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with Sheena Nance Sarles

Sheena leads an exploration of how grief impacts each of our chakras physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Yoga for every body

No yoga experience necessary, just courage, curiosity, and self-compassion.Accessible for all levels from your chair to your mat.

Just 45min / day

Each class is only 45min long and after completing the program you can continue to practice these as long as you want.

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 Learn how to cherish your memories, acknowledge your pain, and release grief that can stay trapped in the physical body. 
Meet the instructor

Sheena Nancy Sarles

Sheena Nancy Sarles is a life-long student of well being in body, mind, and spirit. She created Yoga for Living with Loss™ from her own life’s challenges. Yoga became her guiding light when she experienced her own deep losses. She is committed to sharing these teachings. Sheena is the founder of Growing Younger Gracefully™, GYG Organic Facial and Body Serums™, and is the author of “Growing Younger Gracefully: Your Guide to Aging with Vitality, Resilience, and Pizzazz.” Sheena has been featured in Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, Bali Spirit Festival, Sixty & Me and others.
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