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Delivered to you live-online & on-demand from
the world-renowned Yoga Barn.  Join the community and access Bali's best online yoga, meditation & healing arts.

Gain full access to Yoga Barn Online's diverse range of free yoga and wellness classes in our FREE 7 DAY YOGA TRIAL.

Yoga Barn Online is not just another online yoga school.
We believe there is unique value in each of the many branches of yoga, meditation and wellness practices.
Try our FREE 7 DAY YOGA TRIAL*, to experience all of what The Yoga Barn has to offer.
*After your free trial, All Access subscriptions start at just $0.33 / day!

Browse our range of Online Yoga Classes, Live Sessions and Online Yoga Trainings & Virtual Retreats

Meditation is the ultimate tool for balanced mental health and personal inspiration. We want to support that you can sit quietly, cultivate calm and observe your mind with online meditation classes. Learn techniques to add to your toolbox for better health. See our Meditate With Us page here.


Find over 225 "on-demand" classes to honor your flow and time zone. Yoga fitness equals mental fitness. Realize your physical goals and let your spirit fly. 
Choose from expert-led Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga, Yin, Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic, Myofascial Release Yoga, Breathing Meditation, Pranayama, Sound Healing and more.


Take your understanding and practice to the next level, with these immersive and carefully curated online experiences designed to help you take your practice off the mat and into the realms of health, purpose and self-love.
Join live or self-guided.


Passionate yoga teachers, therapists and holistic doctors are here to support you in feeling empowered, energized in your body and calm in your mind and heart. Whether you are interested in learning about general wellbeing, menstrual health, hormonal balancing or more, there is something rich here for everyone.


Connect directly to our Bali Holistic Healing experience and book a private session with one of our practitioners.
Try a distance Reiki healing, consult with a nutrition & detox expert, get support through Theta healing and more!
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Meet Our Teachers

Receive expert instruction from teachers who embody the change and transformation they promote.  Smile on-screen at our favorite Yoga Barn personalities plus meet new and passionate yogis and healers. 
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