Add a Virtual Wellness Break into Your Event

Offer event attendees a soothing break and a chance to clear their minds, take a deep breath and reenergize.
A yoga, guided meditation, sound healing or other customized wellness experience is the ideal addition to hours of talks, discussion sessions or networking. The virtual wellness session can be customized to complement the theme of your event. When attendees have the opportunity to experience a mental reset, it can help them be more present, focused and engaged during the event. Being guided by an exprienced teacher from Bali and the world-known Yoga Barn can be a unique, memorable feature of your event program.

How it works

Choose class type

You can choose a prerecorded class from our library of 200+ (see all here) or we can arrange a live online class customized to your needs, exclusively taught for your event.


Our online classes can be streamed to up to 500 participants, but we need your confirmation in advance if you expect more than 100 .


Custom, recommended min 15min.


Custom - we can prepare a class where your participants only need a yoga mat or even just a chair.


We typically stream the classes through Zoom but we can adjust to your technology by request

Your Teacher

Once we know more about your requirements, we will recommend several teachers for you to choose from. 

Free Trial

We can arrange for a live 15-min sample session with your selected teacher or you can sign up for our 7-day free trial and explore all classes in our library.


Depends on your selected type of class (live or prerecorded), style, duration and further custom elements. Contact us for a quote.



Session Menu

Choose from our prerecorded class library, or check some popular options for live online classes below. We're also happy to customize one for you!
To achieve a uniquely Bali yoga experience we can discuss with the yoga teacher, accompaniment with live music or sound healing as well. A movement class can also close with a 5-minute meditation and breathwork.

Sound Bath Experience

a meditative experience where attendees are “bathed” in sound waves. These waves are produced by various instruments, such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks, and more.


a gentle, safe and powerful breathing practice that supports the clearing of old energies, conditioning, tension and stress, healing trauma, gaining deeper insight into life issues and accessing one’s own healing energy - opening the way for new life and greater consciousness. The breath helps us to discover deeper awareness, access our greater vision, move into our power and take steps to being the best version of ourselves - balanced, thriving and whole.

Yin Yang Yoga Flow

this class is a blend of vinyasa flow and yin yoga. It begins with a dynamic, all-levels asana practice with emphasis on breath and movement and concludes with a long cooldown of poses designed to open up the body physically and energetically. The yin postures are held slightly less than they would be in a traditional yin class, making the yin-yang yoga class a well-rounded experience for practitioners of all levels

Fluid Flow Yoga

a fun exploration of fluid movement & yoga, joint health, and playful yoga. It focuses on how we can strengthen our joints through isolated movement, where we activate a full body connection and integrate more play and freedom into our practice!

Kundalini & Meditation

a powerfully transformative and ancient form of yoga. Combining focused breathing and targeted movements it efficiently and effectively purifies the mind/body/spirit, allowing one to feel energized, light, centered and connected to higher self.

Gentle Yoga & Sound Healing

Gentle Yoga is one that will tune you into your inner world and the consciousness of breath as you flow with kindness, awareness and compassionate intent. Enjoy as you soften through this well-rounded class and center into the present, no matter where you are. This class is combined with sound healing to bring a sense of calm and tranquility.

Elemental Yoga Flow

a fluid practice of Asana Pranayama meditation and somatic movement deeply listening to your own body's wisdom. It is practiced with music to cultivate flow, grace and suppleness for mind, body, and Spirit. This class is an invitation to give yourself permission to recognize imbalances so you can unwind as you listen to the intelligence of your own body.
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