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Our Teachers

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The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

The Yoga Barn has always been a thriving community of like-minded, heart-connected individuals sharing and learning together. All of our online teachers are a part of our real Ubud community, shining their light and sharing in the joy of real human connection and creativity to bring the magic of Yoga to you.

Yoga Teachers

You may have met one or some of our yoga teachers in live classes at The Yoga Barn classes on your previous travels or you may be meeting them for the first time online here. Either way, you will recognize an international flavor, a passion for breath and movement, and full embodiment of yogic philosophy across a range of traditional and modern Yoga lineages. 
Greg Kaps
Kundalini | Hatha Yoga
Sharni Quinn
Yin Yoga | Vinyasa | Hatha
Tanya Kaps
Hatha Yoga
Bex Tyrer
Feminine Flow | Gentle Yoga
Marcus Wistika
Vinyasa Flow | Power Yoga | Hatha Yoga | Intro to Yoga
Nadine McNeil
Slow Flow
Thofan Meninao
Gentle Yoga | Hatha Yoga
Wine Pramiyanti
Prenatal Yoga | Yoga Nidra
Liana Nenacheva
Hormonal Yoga
Eka Kailash
Yin Myofascial Release Yoga
Tina Nance
Yin Yoga | Restorative Yoga
Chris Fox
Yoga for Mobility
Sheena Sarles
Gentle Yoga
Oksana Sokol
Vinyasa Yoga Synergy
Cheri Rae Russel
Yoga for Mobility
Malika Makiko
Yoga in Japanese
Sasha Gautama
Vinyasa | Power Yoga
Made Murni
Vinyasa | Power Yoga
Malaika MaVeena Darville
Elemental Yoga | Dance
Michelle Timmins
Ashtanga Yoga
Juliya Light
Vinyasa Yoga
Lawrence Jay
Vinyasa | Therapeutic Yoga

Other Teachers & Instructors

It is not all Yoga, our healers, teachers, sound therapists and facilitators are all specialists in their field. Learn more about them, their stories and motivations, inspiration for spirituality, personal growth, wellness and health enjoying the stories about why they love and do what they do for you!
Agustian Supriatna
Sound Healing
Amit Miglani
Punnu Wasu
Meditation | Holistic Healing | Music
Sound Baths
Oksana Sokol
Cleanse & Detox
Kerry Clancey
Healing | Meditation
Daniel Coates
Sound Healing | Breathwork
Jana Johnson
Healing | Meditation
PIYO Fitness
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