Yoga & Holistic Healing for Women's Wellness

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Striking a healthy balance of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing can feel complex and overwhelming as a woman given our menstrual health and fluctuating hormonal activity in different stages of life. Yoga as a lifestyle choice offers education, embodiment and daily practices to help ground you, benefit you with selfcare as a focus, address mental health needs by release of tension, and re-habiting your mindset through breath practices for healing and empowerment.

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Self-Paced Programs

Learn how to heal and relieve your Period Pain

PMS, Period Pain & Hormonal Relief for Menstruating Women

Do you suffer from PMS, Period Pain and Hormonal Imbalances?

This self-help course created by holistic healthcare practitioner and clinical acupuncturist Michelle Hansen will educate you on what Premenstrual Tension (PMS) is, why women experience it and how to heal with the Natural and Chinese Medicine way. 

Private Online Sessions

Emotional Intelligence for Kids (& Support for Moms)

Magical U with Susan Spilman

Magical U is a tool that identifies & expresses your child’s feelings in a game format. The four step card game for children and adults uses visual images as prompts to identify feelings that may be trapped, identify where incidents may have occurred to create these emotions and what is 'needed' to release them, which is completed by doing an energy release. Children get to choose how they want to feel at the close of the game, helping you to support them and leave them with greater possibilities and excitement moving forward.
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Magical U Private Session with Susan Spilman (90min)

Meet Your Teachers

This progression and focus on women’s health through yoga and the healing arts can never be understated. Passionate, female Bali based yoga teachers, therapists and holistic doctors have over past years created programs specifically to help women be empowered, energized in the is their bodies, sexy in their skin and calm in their minds and hearts. Whether you are interested in learning about general wellbeing, menstrual health, detox awareness, hormonal balancing, stress management or self-treatment of PMS and period pain there is something rich here for everyone. 

Dr. Liana Nenacheva

Holistic Medicine
Doctor Liana moved into holistic wellness after healing herself from a horrific car accident through Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. She has helped hundreds of women achieve radiant, long-lasting physical and emotional well-being. 

Bex Tyrer

Feminine Flow Yoga
Through her classes, Bex skillfully incorporates practices that harness a woman’s vitality and deeper her connection to her unique inner waves and rhythms. The result is often a profound sense of self understanding and acceptance. 

Wine Pramiyanti

Prenatal, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra
Women’s wellness became an area of focus for Wine since the birth of her children, inspiring her to become a prenatal yoga teacher, later expanding with yin yoga and yoga nidra.

Michelle Hansen

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Michelle has a particular interest in Women’s Health. As a woman and mother of three daughters, Michelle uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to help women heal hormonal imbalance and period pain.
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