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Live Online Sessions

Yoga, Distant Healing, Life Coaching & More

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Join these insightful live sessions to directly connect with our teachers, healers and our community - to ask your questions, to practice together and to emerge with a deeper understanding of yoga, personal development, healing arts and more! These sessions are led live via Zoom and workshop recordings are also available for a limited time after the session.

Upcoming LIVE Workshops

 September 24, 3pm (GMT+8) or watch the recording

FREE | African Dance with Malaika

with Malaika MaVeena Darville
Join this 1.5 hour first LIVE ZOOM African Dance class streamed from Malaika Maveena Darville's in-person Friday 3pm to 4:30pm Yoga Barn studio class.
 October 1 & 7, 9am (GMT+8) or watch the recording

FREE | Understanding Health & Detox Talk

with Oksana Sokol
This FREE informal talk about all things nutrition, health and detox is a workshop on offer for everyone in these re-establishing times when wellness awareness is critical. Invest in your health in this 1 hour zoom talk and learn how health empowerment can be inspired through meeting community, gaining knowledge and learning from real-life healing successes of a range of beginner to experienced physical cleansing and detox experiences.

1-on-1 Online Healing Sessions

Melani Koch

Melani is a soft and nurturing soul with a true spiritual gift. Melani is our in-house Reiki Master who has found sanctuary in this transformative work. Like an alchemist she is transforming darkness into light. Her magic is unleashing the gifts & treasures in her clients. She offers powerful Reiki Healing Treatments in person & online. Her mission is to spread Self-Healing & Empower your innate gifts as a Healer & Lightworker with our Online Reiki Trainings.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Reiki Healing & Coaching with Melani

This is a powerful combination of Coaching & Healing to reach into the subconscious, where we hold so much hidden that holds us back. It’s the most effective way to dissolve blockages in a very short period of time. During a healing you experience how blockages will clear and experience more balance and clarity. Reiki provides the body with a very nurturing energy that supports the body, mind & spirit to start healing itself. On a deeper level, Reiki can reprogram your subconscious mind allowing you to release any limiting or self-defeating thoughts and feelings empowering you to reconnect to your true essence.

Who this is for

Melani has supported hundreds of women that are in a big life transition and want to step into a life of more meaning and share their true gifts. On how to overcome their fears & self-doubt and to own their strength & vision.

Single Reiki Healing & Coaching Session (90min)

Reiki Healing & Coaching Journey
(13 sessions in 3 months)

Suki Zoe

After 20+ years working as a Gravity Colon Hydrotherapist, Suki now helps people to clear their emotional and psychological burdens on the other levels, as a qualified Theta Healer.

She has always been drawn to modalities which create significant change in her life, and Theta Healing has changed hers.

She fell into colonics and life as a therapist, whilst apprenticing with Gil Jacobs in New York City.  She went on to further qualify in colonics in UK under Milo Siewert. Other certificates include: anatomy, physiology and massage; Nutrition at CNN London; Chavutti Thirumal Massage with Helen Noakes, Goa.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Theta Healing Session

Elevate your life with grace and ease through Theta Healing. Theta is a very powerful yet gentle form of healing, which can resolve a wide range of physical, emotional, relationship, financial and spiritual issues. Designed to help you remove negative thoughts and subconscious limiting beliefs, it works effectively on anxiety, depression, PTSD, confidence, trauma, romance, and manifestation blocks. Our beliefs are usually unconscious - whether inherited or programmed at a young age, and we are typically unaware of the ways in which they hinder our lives. Love, happiness, clarity, peace and well-being await you.

What to expect

Theta Healing is for anyone who would like to change, or find relief in any aspect of their lives. This online session is a talk therapy and as effective as in person. If you are facing a roadblock in your life, a fork in the road, or experiencing generation frustration, Theta Healing is the tool. While other therapies offer delicious and/or transcendent experiences, Theta offers permanent change. To prepare:
• Have a clear intention of what you would like to transform in your life.
• Ideally, relax for 30 minutes before and after your session.
• Be well hydrated, and have a glass of water on hand during your session.

Single Session (75-90min)

Set of 3 Sessions (use within 3 months)

Set of 6 Sessions (use within 6 months)


An acclaimed spiritual guide for more than 10 years, Wakuha has extensive experience leading clients on their spiritual journeys in search of answers. Wakuha started learning about spirituality and meditation at 13 years old. Since 2011, Wakuha has been teaching at the Yoga Barn where she shares her insights and wisdom from a constant quest for true freedom. Through Wakuha’s guidance and meditative presence, many clients have gone through enormous spiritual growth and deep transformations. Be enlightened by the experience with Wakuha. Trust and allow her to guide you on a deeper spiritual journey.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Spiritual Growth Coaching with Wakuha

Spiritual growth refers to the continuous positive transformation of our inner selves. This is achieved through the self-acknowledgement of who we really are and the remembrance of our true nature.

Wakuha will lead you into a flowing meditative state to describe your issues. She will identify the real challenges that have hindered your growth and will unfold the causes that have prevented you from living the life you are meant to have. As you are guided to see your own light, negativity is removed. Perceptions and the energy within you will also shift. You will achieve a deeper sense of awareness, attain greater clarity and gain a stronger connection with your inner wisdom.

What to expect

This new empowerment, together with continual self-rediscovery, will help you develop a more intimate relationship with yourself. You will be led to greater self-awakenings towards the path of enlightenment through Wakuha’s insights and teachings.

“May you become who you were born to be and enjoy fulfilment, contentment and freedom” – Wakuha

Spiritual Growth Coaching Session (90min)

Oksana Sokol

Oksana is the resident Holistic Health Educator and Detox Facilitator at the Yoga Barn. Her personal journey with health challenges led her to the science of fasting, nutrition with living foods and energy healing. With a background in Natural Hygiene she works by addressing the diet and the elimination channels to effectively restore health on a cellular level within the body.

Oksana's holistic and very down to earth approach to wellness will empower you to make accessible lifestyle choices that will lead to optimum health for your mind and body.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Wellness and Detox - Nutrition Consultant with Oksana

Oksana will instruct/guide you toward a healing protocol and understanding around any symptoms or ailment you need addressing. She’s had great success helping people with post-covid recovery where symptoms have lingered and energy has been low. Boosting and strengthening overall immunity and respiratory health. From skin issues, hair loss, pain in joints, PMS, losing stagnant weight, to digestive issues. In her sessions an awareness around better habits and diet will be addressed, as well as guided direction will be given to implement to make radical health. No symptom or illness is too big of a task to start recovering from. Follow up sessions are recommended to help motivate and stay on course.

How to prepare

Please have these answers ready for your session :
  1. What supplements or herbs you are taking?
  2. Are you taking medication?
  3. How often do you exercise?
  4. How would you describe your diet?

Wellness and Detox - Nutrition Consultant (60min)

Pranic Purification Healing with Oksana

Energies can get stagnant, decisions can’t be made, patterns and habits keep you looping. Connecting to your true source connection, together with Oksana you will enter the field of pure love holding your intention to be cleared, released and resolved. This space is for you to bring awareness to that which you want shifted. In the first halve of the session you will discuss the issue at hand as words give rise to the needs, followed by the stillness of the healing purification. 

How to prepare

Please be in a comfortable seat for the session. A short but very concentrated time in space where time itself collapses we become mirror conjugates for one another amplifying the desired outcome into reality.

Pranic Purification Healing (30min)

Susan Spilman

After many years as a traditional psychologist in private practice and community mental health, in both in-patient and out-patient settings, Susan Spilman has found that combining her psychology background with energy modalities is more effective and more engaging than traditional forms of help.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Magical U with Susan Spilman

What is Magical U?

Magical U is an engaging and fun way to identify feelings that are trapped and are preventing you or your child from being successful in their goals or studies. The idea is to identify and express your child’s feelings in a game format, and see that they don't have to hold on to them. Magical U helps you let go of the feelings that are no longer serving you. Magical U has four steps using cards that help you or your child identify what feelings are trapped, where it happened and what is 'needed' to release them, which we do with an energy release. In the last stage of the game you get to choose how you would like to feel going forward and bring that in as new programming. This last is an important and exciting step where kids and adults get to choose and define how they would like to feel, leaving you with the feeling of greater possibilities and excitement about moving forward.

Single Magical U with Susan Spilman (90min)

What to expect

In parent-child session, the parent is first introduced to the game, discussing the concerns about their child and then how the game is played and their role as an observer in this phase. Susan then play the game with the child--most children love this game--and afterwards the parent and Susan will discuss the results and ways to move forward.

"Susan has been a psychologist for over 30 years, working with families and individuals.In regard to child safety,  sessions at YBO involving children are always done with a parent or guardian present and involved, thus ensuring the safety of the child, as some countries mandate."

Jaz Goven

Jaz Goven is and a dynamic, fun, ‘cut to the chase’ therapist and the creator of www.fasttracktechnique.com who walks her talk and is passionate about helping others do the same. Having accrued over 20 years’ experience in the healing arena, Jaz’s clients are as varied as life itself and she treats each one with the generous attention they deserve. She has a natural ability to connect with people from all walks of life, and her thriving practice is the result of intuitive mastery and a sincere heartfelt approach.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Fast Track Technique with Jaz Goven

Although we are all products of our past, we do not need that past to define us in the present or the future. fasttracktechnique.com is a unique system that allows you to get to the ‘root cause’ of a problem by delving deeply into old subconscious programming, where past negative events and situation are remembered and limiting you in the present. Once located it is easy to release these blocks and replace with what you want today!

Who this is for

Anyone who is looking for change, transformation, and healing. FTT offers solutions, brings clarity, promotes healing, and inspires change. If you’ve tried everything else and it isn’t working FTT is for you – it gets results and is only limited by your imagination. For your Fast Track Session, you should have a small crystal or magnet to use as a releasing tool Water to drink Since a lot of information comes through, all sessions are recorded and sent to you along with support material within 24 hours of your session.

Single Fast Track Technique with Jaz Goven (90min)

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