Gentle Yoga and Meditation Series

This group of Gentle Yoga and Meditation is a delightful series of easy-access, anytime practices. Amit emphasizes that all yoga should be practiced with an easeful approach. These Hatha-style classes allow you to meet your mat and arrive into your breath, creating awareness with new technique tips across each class.

Feel time slow down as Amit guides you through new sequences, inviting you to approach challenges with ease. Identify what is important to you in life, move stagnant energy through fire breath, and enjoy curious and calm time with yourself.


Classes included in this bundle:

What is breathing meditation?

The power of breath enhances all forms of mediation, as it helps your mind to stay focused on the present instead of wandering around, this can bring you to real relaxation by calming your body. Naturally, breathing meditation is a practice that in one way or another structures each inhale and exhale to create mindfulness in your practice, turning breath into the anchor to your moment, something to turn your attention to when thoughts and emotions carry you in the direction of chaos.

A focus is put on the depth of the breath, its regularity, which parts of the body react to it, in which way they react, and what feelings arise in them, and simply acknowledging it is there, without judgment. This practice in particular impacts your daily life, not only for its capacity to develop a state of awareness, but also because it facilitates a pattern of conscious and more wholesome breathing.

How is breathing meditation different from other types of meditation?

Breathing meditation distinguishes itself for its simplicity. It doesn’t require visualization, sound resources or music, it’s dynamic and strong on its own. For those who don’t have a solid meditation practice or get easily distracted so it becomes hard to get to the meditation state and experience it, this modality will give you extra support to get there. That would be one of the most amazing things about it, allowing people from all walks of life to ease into meditation. 

Is breathing meditation right for you?

This is a great option for you if:

  • You are beginning your meditation practice
  • You want to increase your breathing capacity
  • You are looking to improve the quality of your breath (depth, duration)
  • A practice that allows you to let go of a stressful pace of life is important to you
  • You recognize you want to add a mindful approach to your overall life
  • Decreasing anxiety, confusion, and tension is something you need
  • You want a simple, quick way to enhance your mental and emotional health

Breathing meditation has helped many experience leaps of positive change in their general state, in the way they face life. In addition, it can also help alleviate physical pain, as we know sometimes aches arise from stress or unprocessed emotions.

How breathing meditation can change your life

This style of meditation can activate the parasympathetic response, also known as the state of “rest and digest” by sending the message to your brain that all is well and taken care of through specific ways of breathing. Thus, it helps manage anxiety, reduce distress or confusion and enhance your ability to focus. On a physical level, it helps lower blood pressure which is another factor that aids deeper relaxation.

The origins of breathing meditation

Breathing meditation is often attributed to the Buddhist Tradition, in which it is believed that it “reveals to us the truth of body, feelings, mind, and mental phenomena” without the need for unusual methods or substances. The foundation text for this style of meditation is The Anapanasati Sutra.

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Meet the instructor

Amit Miglani

Amit has a zest for living life with joy, love, and wonder. Born into a family where bhakti yoga is a daily ritual, yoga has always been a strong influence in his life. After sustaining injuries from a collision with a motorcycle, he resorted to yogic practice as a natural path to recovery and a means to strengthen his mind, focus, and awareness.

The therapeutic benefits and healing power of yoga inspired him to leave his corporate career in NYC and pursue advanced training in Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, and Pranayama in Rishikesh, India. Amit has studied various modalities of yoga and focuses his personal practice on kriya yoga and meditation, as taught by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. He is a Yoga Alliance RYT-500 certified instructor and a Reiki Grand Master.

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