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7-Day Meditation Course

Learn 6 Powerful Meditation Techniques

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 1 Live Session
 6 Videos
 5.5 Hours

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Interested and can't wait to see what this meditation course is like? Wanting a taste of what you will learn? Sign up for a free account and watch a 7-min video excerpt from the Chakra Dhyana meditation technique.

Discover Spiritual Awakening through the Power of Meditation

Sit, Breathe, Move, Chant and Explore
Learn 6 Ancient Meditation Techniques

Delve deep into the wonders of meditation and unlock your spiritual awakening.

Our seven-day course, taught by one of the most globally sought-after meditation teachers, Punnu Singh Wasu, consolidates 35 years of spirituality, healing, and meditation into a rich, unique experience. Throughout each day, immerse yourself through easy-to-understand one-hour videos. Here, you’ll learn the philosophy, scientific knowledge, and insights of six different meditation styles. Uncover new techniques, benefits, and wisdom while receiving correct guided instruction from your teacher. In only seven days, you will learn how to unleash your unique powerful outcome, tailored specifically for your personal practice.

Experience how mantra, mudras, breath, concentration techniques, music, movement, and distractions affect the body throughout your day.

This simple yet powerful course is more than just guided meditation: it offers mindfulness techniques and practices to ascend you into conscious connection with yourself and the divine.

Learn Different Meditation Techniques

  1.  Meditation in Silence | Observing silence
  2.  Active Consciousness | Activate Chakras & Kundalini
  3.  Chakra Dhyana | Chanting, over 5000 years old
  4.  Soham Process | Consciousness Connection to Divine
  5.  Kundalini Meditation | Osho 4 Stages
  6.  Yoga Nidra & Mantras | Guided experience into savasana
Wrap Up Session
Q & A Live Zoom Call

New York 10:00 | London 15:00
Bali 22:00 | Sydney 00:00 (June 22)

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Explore new methods to calm the mind, remove blockages, access higher states of consciousness and connect to the divineDelve into the science behind Vedic philosophy and ancient theories of meditation that support various breath techniques, the pace of breathing, physical, emotional and psychological healing intentions and purification opportunities.
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This is an invitation to all beginner and experienced meditators to be inquisitive about meditation philosophy, science, mindfulness and its healing benefits. 

How is this program structured?

Launch into your love of meditation as a self-starter. Our suggestion is to start the program with a minimum 6 days before the Live Zoom course Wrap Up Q&A call with Punnu Singh Wasu.

This all-encompassing course covers a lot of ground, including six different self-paced videos introducing and teaching you a specific meditation style and technique. Experience how to shift your mental and psychological state by simply employing meditation in your life. After completing the entire course, you’ll receive your certificate.

What will you learn? 

Learning how to use the breath to overcome mental chatter, emotional challenges and health issues. Alongside the guidance of our master guru, you'll identify exactly what serves you for calming or adversely exciting the nervous system, heart and mind to balance and respond to all that life requires.

6 different meditation techniques

To accept emotion, sensation, expression as part of the meditation experience

How to comfortably sit & set up for meditation

Relevance of the 7 major energy centers - chakras

Names, symbols, locations & sounds of chakras

The value of mantra & voice activation

How to incorporate visualization into meditation

How to use intention & manifestation in your life

Relaxation through Yoga Nidra technique

Experience music, physical movement, dance, stillness or savasana to music

At-Home Online Course Benefits
Cultivating a personal at-home daily meditation practice takes patience and intent plus excellence in guided instruction. This program is self-paced for at-home practitioners so you can take your time to rewind videos, pause for repeated practice of various styles and take breaks so your body and mind can allow for emotions, expressions and any stagnant energy to arise as you breathe with intention. 

What's included?

7-Day Meditation Manual

6 Self-paced Guided Meditation Instructional Videos

Closing Course Q&A Live Sessions with Punnu Singh Wasu

Participation Certificate

Course Overview

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Embark on a meditation journey - start now!
Meet the instructor

Punnu Singh Wasu

Punnu was born and raised in Hyderabad, India into a family that has a true love for Kirtan (devotional music) and spirituality. From early age he was interested in learning and practicing yoga and meditation. He has studied with different masters all over India, Indonesia and Philippines. He shares his vast knowledge and rich experience of more than 35 years in his meditation classes, workshops, Meditation Teacher Trainings, Advanced Meditation Trainings and Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings at his workplace The Yoga Barn and all around the world. Furthermore, he offers Reiki Trainings, Spiritual Awakening Courses, Holistic Healing Sessions and Spiritual Counselling. He also has his own Kirtan Academy for studying devotional music and traditional Indian instruments as well as Sound Healing Academy.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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