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21-Day Yoga & Conscious Rituals

Transform your life in 21 days

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 30 Videos
 4.5 Hours

Watch a Short Video from the Program - FREE

Interested and can't wait to see what this yoga and personal transformation course is like? Wanting a taste of what you will learn? Sign up for a free account and watch a 4-min video from Day 3 - "Choosing Abundance".
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Clarity, Intention, Action, Embodiment & Creation.

It only takes 5 to 15 minutes of Life Coaching & Yoga Sankalpa (intention setting) inspired exercises each day + integrative yoga class options to change your interactions with the world to see positive results.

Enjoy simple and potent guidelines, delivered daily, that will turn your mindful intentions into a reality.
  • Do you need support while your life is changing?
  • Are you unsure where or how to start the process of inviting in, or navigating change in a world that seems uncertain?
  • Do you know your heart's desires with clarity so the universe can deliver on your invocations? 
  • Do you want to cultivate more self-love?
  • Are you looking to improve your relationships with others?
  • Are you eager to finally take action on things you have been postponing?
Regardless of your challenges, this reset program is potently curated for anyone ready to really shift gears, be accountable, shed a self-limiting layer, cultivate self-love and care plus establish habits and ritual to achieve long-lasting transformation.

Be inspired by Nadine

Nadine McNeil is a Yoga Teacher, Life & Transformational Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and ex United Nations professional who found her calling with Yoga for self-care, mental wellbeing and spiritual nourishment.

This program is reflective of her daily rituals and commits you to only 5 to 10 mins of mindfulness practices each day, so it is super convenient, adding Yoga Class options for you to breathe and move your intentions into being. You will receive daily insights and videos to guide you through 21 different topics to provoke and inspire the change you want to call in.
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Benefits of this program

This journey is intention fueled, low intensity but high impact, just like Nadine. It supports a busy lifestyle with plenty of motivation to make your dreams a reality.
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Start on your own schedule

This program can be started anytime. You will automatically receive access to each day's content so you can follow along easily.

with Nadine McNeil, Universal Empress

Nadine has put the essence of all her life experiences, coaching and yoga wisdom into this program so you can use it to transform your life.

Yoga for every body

This program includes 11 yoga classes suitable for all levels. You can access all classes at anytime to get your body moving to keep your mind clear and motivated.

Just 10min / day

The daily content will only take you 5-15min a day to watch/read, making this suitable even for busy schedules.

What participants have achieved

1. A deeper connection to myself and my goals
2. Decluttered the cellar and Guestroom (to be continued...)
3. Taking a new approach on how to talk to myself
4. Bought an alarm clock in order to not wake up with a phone in my hand
5. Taking more time to read and offline
6. Journaling
7. Still on my coffee detox till the end of the week
Thank you, Nadine, for this program! I absolutely loved and enjoyed it, feeling a bit sad now that it’s over but I will for sure continue to deepen the knowledge I gained.
Jess M.

21 Days of Personal Growth Topics 

Are you seeking inspiration and change to excite your life, motivate transformation, or are you looking to shift lingering lifestyle or consumption habits to create space for wellness and abundance? By achieving clarity, creating clear intention and showing up for each daily topic enjoy how your mindset can improve with each simple task on this value packed self-paced course.

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This 21-day yoga and conscious rituals program is an effective tool that you may call upon to support your daily living and bring your dreams to life.
Meet the instructor

Nadine McNeil

Nadine McNeil’s twenty-odd year career within the United Nations, serving at locations across the globe, is what guided her towards yoga, primarily as a necessary tool for self-care while serving in volatile, conflict scenarios. Her current mission includes designing and implementing a yoga module that especially supports those who tirelessly serve others through their daily work.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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