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5 Steps to Creating More Love, Power and Abundance in Your Life 

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FREE | 5 Steps to Creating More Love, Power and Abundance in Your Life and Family
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London 10:00-11:30 | Dubai 13:00-14:30
Bali 17:00-18:30 | Sydney 19:00-20:30

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Abundance, Love & Power in 5 Steps

One of the greatest challenges of being a conscious woman is maintaining our centre, and being true to ourselves no matter what. Especially in our roles as friend, partner, daughter, and mother.
Relationships and life do not come with a manual and we often as women give ourselves over to other peoples cares, worries and causes. Maintaining our unique groove is key to creating more love, abundance and healthy boundaries to grow our relationships. 
Joanna, as a therapist with a Master of Arts in Counseling, has years of experience and learned consciousness techniques to support women and families unleash their true capabilities. 
This workshop is your permission to laugh, to stretch, to learn and to reach beyond whatever you previously thought possible for you, your relationships and your abundance. This is also a time to question all that you have held to be true in the past about how you show up with authenticity and joy.
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This is an invitation to all of you who want to creating more love, power, and abundance in your life

Find Your Groove

This workshop will help you to Find Your Groove. What do I mean by that? Every women has a special and unique song in her heart, a way of being that just works for her. Do you know what yours is? Most of us are so busy trying to live up to other people’s ideals of in relationships that we become disconnected with our own uniqueness.  We put pressure on ourselves to be just like “perfect” people around us drowning out our own style.
Well, it’s time to get in touch with your spirit so that you can hear that sweet song and get your groove on to it. That groove is sparkling gold dust. That groove will transform your life.
When we are grooving, we are confident and in our power. When we are grooving, we are in flow and life is easy. When we are grooving, we are happy and having fun. When we are grooving, our beloveds and families pick up on our vibes and the positivity spreads. I can promise you this: women who own their groove, connect community, invite abundance into their life and raise children who have a groove as well. And, a groovy individual ensures that life is happy, families are  balanced, and there is connection as one.
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Workshop Content

I will teach you how to Find Your Groove by sharing The Family Balance Method model that is applicable to life and relationships in general. Learn how her unique blend of yoga, 5 Elements Therapy and traditional counselling techniques is changing lives
This Workshop will provide you with a simple 5-step guide to personal and family transformation. It will improve your confidence, connection with your inner passion and ultimately create more happiness for you, your friends and family.
I offer it to you whether you are feeling completely burnt out or simply thinking about making life changes, actively addressing your well-being, or are deeply committed to the path of conscious living and parenting.
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Meet the instructor

Joanna Hunt

Joanna Hunt is a Best Selling Author who supports Working Moms to redefine their experience of motherhood by reclaiming their feminine power.
Joanna has a Master of Arts in Counseling and over 1000+ hours in Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training. She has combined the two to craft a specialized method of healing for families and has worked with over 1,600 families globally.
Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, over the past 15 years Joanna has lived and worked in Boston, New York City, London, Bali and The Isle of Wight.
Joanna has worked with and/or been featured on the BBC, YogiTimes, Wanderlust, Sheerluxe and is now featured with wellness experts including Dr. Shefali on the YogiTimesUni online site.
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