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Learn 'how' the breath heals

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 6 Videos
 2.5 Hours

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Live a life of vitality by learning how your breath works.

Expediate illness recovery. Boost Immunity. Relieve stress, anxiety & worry.

Understanding diaphragmatic anatomy and how it functions is the link to becoming intimate with your breath and increasing your vitality. By completing this course you will enhance your capacity to self manage stress and self-heal. The knowledge of how your body can harness the incredible natural resource of the breath means you can expediate recovery from illness, boost your immunity, balance your emotions, relieve anxiety and worry plus heal trauma on all levels.
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Rachel Ellery, Osteopath and international anatomy teacher of 100+ yoga teacher trainings, will educate you on how respiration is at the core of overall health and wellbeing. She shares the physical, mental and emotional benefits experienced in her years of clinical practice and trainings.
Her mission for this short self-directed course is to concisely answer the most frequently asked questions by students of Yoga, alternative therapists, and frontline health professionals looking to empower themselves and others through full body breathing.

Accessible for everyone, be guided through educational video’s and visualization meditations that help your embodiment of full diaphragmatic breathing. Rachel believes everyone can live a vital life simply by being educated on how to become intimate with the breath. 

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with Rachel Ellery

Benefit from Rachel's 26 years of hands-on experience and 17 years of teaching functional anatomy, bodywork techniques and movement. 

Health for every body

This program is suitable for all levels of yoga, Pilates, breathwork or other practice and will be valuable for both complete beginners and instructors.

Just 2.5hrs

The content will only take you a couple of hours to complete but has the power to completely transform your life and health.

Content Overview

Past Participants Say...

Rachel is lovely & really connects to her audience. So generous with her knowledge... I now have such a better understanding of how each breath affects my entire anatomy.
- Blu
Rachel's knowledge about the anatomy has brought awareness about places in my body I didn't even know existed. Having this information has explained many questions I've had about myself and given me the power to address these questions and challenges. 
- Gianni
I loved Rachel's way of making anatomy fun, interesting and memorable. 
- Lisa

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Don't waste any time wondering whether this course is for you, everyone has the opportunity to learn how to optimize their breath for vitality. Within a few hours you can embody what it is to breath fully.
Meet the instructor

Rachel Ellery

Director of The Anatomy School, Rachel is a highly sought-after Osteopath, Pilates rehabilitation instructor and internationally recognized anatomy teacher since 2002. An anatomy nut she specializes in sharing her knowledge of human anatomy and movement principles to yoga students, yoga teachers, bodyworkers from around the world. Her mantra “educating and moving the world one body at a
time” stems from over 26 years of hands on experience and 17 years of teaching functional anatomy, bodywork techniques and movement. Evolving from teaching Osteopathy in 2002 she has curated specific anatomy training for Accredited Yoga Teacher Courses her first with
Les Leventhal in 2014. Cumulatively Rachel has since taught 100+ yoga teacher training courses, and graduated over 100 students from her successful 6 week online Mentorship Program.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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