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[Music Concert Performance | 18min]

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A curate musical journey by Catur Hari Wijaya accompanied by Wiwanto Purnawan. This unique setlist is a mix of traditional music and original songs from Catur’s latest album ‘Bali To Mali’. Featuring unique strings, shimmering flutes, live looping, Indian tabla, and an array of indigenous styles, Catur takes us on a mesmerizing sound voyage. 

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Catur is a multi-instrumentalist musician, song writer, sound healer and drum teacher from Java. He has been expressing and sharing music with communities as far back as his memory goes, and masters more than twenty instruments such as stings, percussions or flutes. Catur is passionate about uniting ethnic music styles, regularly composing and performing works that draw upon traditions from indigenous music from Indonesia, India, West and North Africa. Based in Bali, he often perform at major festivals around the Indonesian archipelago.

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