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Gain 100% Clarity & Confidence in Your Business Dreams

FREE Live Session with Obed Abbo

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FREE | Gain 100% Clarity & Confidence in Your Business Dreams

New York 3:00-4:30 | London 8:00-9:30
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Seize The Opportunity To Flourish

The world is going through big changes. These developments are affecting societies and economies around the globe and will permanently reshape our world as it continues to unfold. Many challenges and opportunities are arising simultaneously.

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you have to decide for yourself if you are a victim of the circumstances, or if you want to seize opportunities and be of better service to people.

The choice is yours.

In these important times, it is essential to reflect on questions such as:
  • What gives me fulfillment and joy?
  • What type of business do I want to create?
  • Who do I wish to serve and how?
We spend so much time trying to answer these questions for our businesses. Someday, at some point in our lives, we believe we will have an earth-shattering “aha!” moment.

Many of us worry that moment will never come and that we may never reach our true potential. We passively wait for opportunities to knock on our door.
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But what if you did not have to wait?

I want to help you find the clarity, deep within, to find your path. Because it’s already there. You only need to reach for it!

Seize this opportunity and join my "Clarity Workshop”. This workshop will help you:

Discover your gifts & passions

Develop a crystal-clear vision for your business

Gain clarity & focus

Develop an effective plan of action

Increase your confidence

Get renewed, re-energized, and inspired to make your business dreams come true

Register now and participate live.  This session will NOT be recorded.

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Meet the instructor

Obed Abbo

Business Coach Obed Abbo is on a mission to help entrepreneurs create a positive impact through their projects. Obed envisions a world in which most people are in alignment with their talents and dreams. Not only will this alignment bring us more joy and fulfilment, but it will also help us overcome the challenges our world is facing today.

While travelling the world, Obed Abbo has had the privilege to help more than 1,200 people improve their businesses through online coaching programs, group workshops, and speeches. He has spoken at unique places such as the Citizen Circle Conference, Green School, Wireless Life Workation, New Work Moms, and Bali Spirit Festival. He has received numerous happy testimonials from around the world for his coaching services.

Obed is also passionate about writing books. Touted as a Blueprint for Possibilities, his newest book From Fear to Courage is a collection of 15 inspiring and compelling autobiographies from purpose-driven entrepreneurs across the world.

For more information, please visit www.obedabbo.com or watch a 2-minute video about Obed here.
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