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Gigi Courau

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Gigi Courau

Gigi Courau is the founder of "Medicine Womban Mystery School''. She is dedicated to healing the feminine lineage and to creating safe environments for authentic expression, growth and deep transformation, where healing happens organically and powerfully.  

Gigi supports women in their Womb Awakening Process, providing them with guidance and tools to help them overcome trauma, expand consciousness, and live their lives with more ease, freedom and bliss.

As an intuitive compassionate healer, medium and soul counselor, Gigi uses a combination of holistic therapies including Energy Healing, Body Work, Guided Meditations, Breathwork and Sound Therapy.


💖 Womb Clearing & Womb Healing 

💖 Trauma Release & Emotional Support

💖 Mystic Sound Journeys & Voice Activation

💖 Ancient Egyptian Practices & Chants

💖 Shaktivation Dance: Embodiment of the Divine Feminine Power

💖 Sacred Rituals & Ceremonies

💖 Personalized Mentorship Programs & Trainings 
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