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Guided Meditations

Specialised Guided Meditation Master Classes

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Enjoy the soft, subtle frequencies of Jana's voice in this special guided master class series. 

Suddhi Kriya from Swatantra Sadhana
Suddhi Kriya is a meditation practice that combines mudras, controlled breathwork, and resonant sounds to purify and balance the chakras and energy body. This holistic technique promotes inner cleansing and rejuvenation. Addressing chakras systematically, Suddhi Kriya clears stagnant energy, promoting balance and heightened awareness. Regular practice cultivates mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual connection. Although it is part of a longer Swatantra sadhana, this meditation stands out as an excellent daily tool. It offers a means to tap into inner resources and enhance overall well-being. The synergy of mudras, breath, and sound creates a transformative experience, making Suddhi Kriya valuable for those seeking spiritual growth and harmony. 

This meditation was given to Jana by her teacher and with an open heart is being shared with you.

Metta Meditation

Metta Meditation is a calming and loving meditation to do if you are feeling hopeless about how to deal with feelings around a relationship that is stagnant or in conflict or just when you want to offer loving kindness out to the world. You can do Metta at anytime for a calm and peaceful feeling.

Chakra Meditation

This is an energizing guided meditation that brings the participants through each the 7 chakras connecting them to the elements. Chakra Meditation is a good morning meditation to get your day started with energy and connection. 

The only props required are for your personal comfort in sitting for meditation. However this can also be done sitting on a lounge or chair if sitting on the floor is not available. 

All experience levels welcome.

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Jana Johnson

Jana, a devoted spiritual practitioner, is a trained energy worker and psychospiritual counselor. Her journey follows the path of Swatantra, which integrates ancient wisdom with an individual's unique karma, genetics, and personality, guiding them toward self-realization and personal freedom. She firmly believes that spirituality is a deeply personal journey that cannot be taught. Still, she understands the value of providing guidance and support to those seeking their path…thus her life’s work.

Jana has lived between Bali and India for the past 12 years and currently teaches out of The Yoga Barn while sustaining a private practice. She is also a Managing Director and faculty teacher for the Helix Training Program.

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