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Her voice transports you to salty ocean waves, brings you the warmth of the forest fire, reminds you of the fragrance of blossoming roses, strokes your heart with the gentle breeze of the South wind, and ignites you with the magic of the setting sun and the pure rays of the rising moon.  

The songs she brings come from many places around the world and reflect the stories of life of the people who first sang them. She calls these songs Moon songs.   

Although from different corners of the world, the themes that all people sing about, are the themes of life, to which we can all relate. In our human experience of this heroic journey here on earth, we are united. The Moon songs are a reflection of this unity and Gwendolynn and Rio offer them to touch your heart and travel into this unity.  

Rio Herwindo is her beloved friend and colleague - truly a magician on the violin. He adds just the right soul, as his playing brings in the same passion for music styles from around the world and their unique sounds.
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