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Awareness to Resilience

7-Day Individual Online Retreat

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 22 Videos
 14 Hours

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Harness the Alchemical Power of Yoga

Discover the 4 core practices that lie at the heart of yoga and the spiritual journey. These practices are the alchemical ingredients that can radically accelerate your spiritual growth and prevent years of ineffective effort, suffering, and even harm in your yoga practice. The focus of this retreat is to reveal and unfold the power and importance of these core practices. By revisiting and practicing them daily, you will discover your own innate alchemical power to transform moments of suffering into moments of true freedom.

Learn how empowerment cultivated through personal practices underpins resilience, stabilizing mental and emotional balance in the modern world.

In this retreat, you will learn:
  •     How to anchor into a highly resourceful state to find solutions to life’s challenges
  •     How to transmute fear into love, and sense of limitation into a sense of possibility
  •     How to connect with your inner guidance and navigate your life with confidence and intentionality, a        clear mind and an open heart
  •     Make the unmistakable ‘on-the-mat off-the-mat’ connection.
  •     Ways to access peace, happiness, and resourcefulness during challenging times

Your Daily Program Includes

Daily 75min Yoga Practice

We start with a yoga session to help you come to a state of being calm, stable and vitalized.

Daily 15min Meditation

Next we immerse into meditation to apply each new ‘core practice’ for living consciously

Daily 30min Satsang

We close with a yoga philosophy session to gain understanding of a ‘core practice’ for living consciously

Course Lessons

Retreat Schedule & Content


What Participants Say

Really fantastic on so many levels. Incredible insights and asana practice. Forced me to slow down and grow and question! Thank you! The recordings worked brilliantly so I could do before the kids were up in the morning in Uk so not being live not an issue at all! Looking forward to the next retreat. Tanya is an inspiration to us all and lovely to see her daughter floating in and about too!

- Clare

I have enjoyed Tanya's classes in all my visits to Bali, so being able to have her teachings at home in these exceptional times makes it truly memorable. I very much appreciate and fully support this initiative as a significant contribution to the general and individual well-being.

- Maria

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Learn the 4 practices to radically accelerate your spiritual growth and also to prevent years of ineffective effort, suffering and even harm in your yoga practice. 
Meet the instructor

Tanya Kaps

Tanya had a series of powerful spiritual experiences that began nearly twenty years ago. In an attempt to orient herself, coupled with a fierce desire to know the truth, she dedicated her life to exploring yoga and the nature of transformation and self-realization. Having studied through the lens of both Eastern and Western systems, and having partnered academic study with intense dedicated practice, she offers a rare and refined understanding that is both balanced and integrated. She has been teaching yoga internationally for 15 years.

Tanya’s teaching emphasizes skillfully engaging with yoga as a spiritual practice to reveal the essence of who we are: already whole, already holy, already free. Tanya leads 200- and 300-hour trainings on the healing transformation and spiritual awakening process through the path of Yoga and Veda. Her wisdom, humility, and compassion open hearts and minds as she shines an inspiring light on the universality of the human journey and the power of yoga to guide us home.

Patrick Jones - Course author

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