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Meet the Musician


Leo Sunlight is a ceremony artist, singer, pianist, and music coach from Brazil. 
A lover of sound and prana, he’s been exploring naturally-induced altered states of consciousness for over 30 years.
In this presentation, devotional music from Brazil is the medicine he brings for you.
These are the gems he selected for you:
- An uplifting Umbanda (Afro-Brazilian religion) song for Oxossi, the guardian god of the forests, a hunter of the good energies;
- A musical adaptation for Portuguese of the Hindu epic Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna describes the qualities of those who are dear to him;
- An ode to the moon. It became famous when Sergio Mendes won the World Grammy Award with his album Brasileiro (1993). The song was also the theme of a soap opera on Brazilian TV.
Get access to the presentation and check what happened in this debut in Balinese land. Promises of more to come!
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