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Orasare, established in 2021, is started as a passion project initiated by a group of individuals with various backgrounds, and disciplines - a unique mixture producing a "melting pot" of perspectives in their sense of musicality: Wisnu and Savio with jazz background, while Hario and Gethzamani with upbeat soul and ethnic style. This fusion successfully resulted, despite the differences, a common ground with its own signature groove. The combination of the traditional instruments (such as Gamelan and Kenong) and more conventional instruments (such bass guitar, saxophone, drums, and synthetizer), is the main conceptual roots in the creation of its identity and authenticity.
To put into a musical category, Orasare stands as a group that embraces the aspect of sounds and rhythms experimentation as their main pillars, with the incorporation of mainly jazz-fusion and ethnic rhythms, as well as other forms of Art, including contemporary dance and art performances. Orasare also expands their vision of music by continually adapting and composing tunes inspired by melodic and rhythmical signatures originated from other parts of the world.
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