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[Music Concert Performance | 18min]

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Responding to the invitation of Sebatierra for the BSF INTIMATE CONCERTS, Pao Pamaki performed her new compositions: Rezo para la Tierra, Travel Inside and Elder Souls as a gift to the audience, before her new album release. Accompanied by her friends musicians, Ryan Narayan, Haylee Ma and Zhenya Topov.

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Pao Pamaki is a singer-songwriter, music producer and painter.
Her work is informed by a conscious connection with the body cultivated through many years of dance and yoga studies and practices.
During her seven years living in South America she developed a deep connection to the sacred and ancient wisdom of its indigenous cultures.
 She has shared and explored music in many groups and diverse genres including Medicine music, Kirtan, East European chants, Qawwali and finds her main inspiration in ceremonies and work with the master plant teachers.
Her voice and music are sourced in the frequency of gratitude and express a profound connection with the spirits of nature and the path of the heart.
Pao resides in Bali where she is currently producing her albums and cultivating beautiful musical collaborations, always expanding her passion and devotion to music and conscious lifestyle.

Bandcamp, Spotify, www.paopamaki.com

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