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Pilates on the Mat

Specialised Pilates Master Classes

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 4 Videos
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Benefits of this practice:

Strength your core
Bring correct awareness to alignment
Experience stability and growth in your Yoga practice

Class 1 - Core Pilates: Amplify Your Yogi Flow

Dive into your core with pilates, a class designed to elevate your yoga experience through targeted core engagement. This multi-level session empowers yogis to cultivate strength and stability, unlocking a seamless fusion of mind and body. Explore the transformative benefits of a resilient core, enhancing your balance, flexibility, and overall well-being on your yogic path. Join us as we amplify your Yogi Flow with Core Pilates.

Class 2 - Total Body Pilates: Simplify Your Yogi StrengthJoin our Total Body Pilates class, where simplicity meets strength for yogis. This multi-level session simplifies the path to a stronger, more balanced physique, encompassing the entire body. Experience the ease of Pilates as it enhances your yoga practice, fostering a straightforward yet powerful approach to total well-being. Simplify your journey and discover newfound Yogi Strength with Total Body Pilates.

Class 3 - Core Pilates Fusion: Abs & Thigh ToningStrengthen and sculpt your core, inner thighs, and outer thighs with this dynamic Pilates workout. In this video, we blend targeted exercises to enhance abdominal strength and tone your inner and outer thighs, promoting a balanced and sculpted physique. Join us to elevate your fitness routine and complement your yoga practice. These Pilates movements provide stability, flexibility, and heightened body awareness, enhancing your overall well-being on and off the yoga mat. Elevate your practice and embrace the transformative benefits of this invigorating Pilates fusion session.

Class 4 - Revitalize Anytime with Pilates: Spinal Alignment for Good PostureEnergize your day anytime with our invigorating Pilates routine designed to enhance posture and revitalize your spine. This versatile workout focuses on gentle yet effective exercises to manipulate and align the spine, promoting optimal posture and flexibility. By incorporating these movements into your routine, you not only set a positive tone for your day but also unlock the benefits of improved core strength and spinal flexibility. For yogis, these Pilates exercises complement your yoga practice by fostering a strong and aligned foundation, enhancing balance, and providing a mindful boost whenever you need it. Embrace the day with this uplifting Pilates session that transcends beyond the morning, contributing to enhanced well-being whenever you choose to press play.

All experience levels welcome.

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Felicia Terlecki

Starting as a young child in ballet brought my childhood dream to fruition by traveling around the world dancing professionally with New York Theatre Ballet, Eglevsky Ballet, and Hamilton Ballet Theatre. As a teenager, I danced with Princeton Ballet II, currently known as American Repertory Ballet. This foundation extended throughout my whole life and with other endeavors such as founding a not for profit organization called Live Dance Live, an extensive 20 year corporate career with Colgate Palmolive and the development of entrepreneurial Pilates and personal development businesses.

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