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PMS, Period Pain & Hormonal Rebalance

A Self-Help Course of Holistic Treatments for All Menstruating Women

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Course Contents

Learn so you can heal yourself naturally

Do you suffer from PMS, Period Pain and Hormonal Imbalances?

This self-help course created by Holistic healthcare practitioner and clinical acupuncturist Michelle Hansen will educate you on what Premenstrual Tension (PMS) is, why women experience it and how to heal with the Natural and Chinese Medicine way. Empower your relationship with your body, with your moon cycle and adopt personal and natural methods for ease of your monthly menses with appropriate exercise, proper nutrition, moxibustion, acupuncture points and more.
Looking through the Traditional Chinese Medicine lens, join Michelle Hansen as she shares 26 years of clinical experience so you can gain valuable context based on the fundamental philosophies of Natural and Chinese Medicine. Learn so you can heal yourself through the application of this ancient and sophisticated healthcare paced one module at a time. As a female this is the root of your overall wellbeing. This course has thoughtfully been created with real patient issues and healing in mind, take advantage of this compassionate and accessible offering.
What Should a Normal Period be like?

Optimal health is mirrored as a painless, regular, moderate flow with no noticeable symptoms. The menstrual blood should be similar to the blood that would flow if you cut yourself – fresh and red with no clots.  This is what should be considered a normal flow.

This course is for every menstruating woman.

“I am yet to meet a woman in these modern times who does not experience some expression of hormonal imbalance from time to time: whether that's premenstrual tension, ovarian cysts, moodiness, acne, bloating, weight gain or irregular periods. By understanding the predictable rhythmic energy, or Qi, movements within a woman's body, we can own our cycle with full awareness. Then we can adjust our daily activities, apply treatments, and in doing so, rebalance our hormones, waving goodbye to PMS and period pain for good.”
- Michelle Hansen
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Pain is not normal for women to experience?

Don’t buy into the masculine energy of menstruation being experienced in sufferance. For many women, PMS and mild or intense pain is perceived as just a normal monthly occurrence accompanying their periods…

Sources claim PreMenstrual Symptoms, or PMS, to a certain degree, affects up to 90 percent of women but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy or should be considered the norm and this course will help you understand how to treat yourself to alleviate this in the comfort of your own home.

In fact, in Natural Medicine, PMS is an alarm bell for imbalances in the body. Natural medicine practitioners will use the menses (mucosal tissue that is shed during menstruation) as an indicator for a woman’s overall health.

What to expect
At the end, you’ll have a greater understanding of PMS, period pain and hormonal imbalance, and how to not only treat the pain, but prevent it from happening.


Be provided with the necessary tools to live more healthily as a whole. Become informed, empowered and confident enough to self-heal.

PMS is not natural

Which organs play a role in the PMS development

Menstrual cycle exploration

How to identify the root causes

How the female body works

How to treat PMS with simple Natural and Chinese Medicine practices

About – Qi - Yin & Yang - The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine

Key Natural & Chinese Medicine principles

What Participants Say

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"I can’t believe the turn around in my skin. I have struggled for 2 years with acne and had tried EVERYTHING! I spent so much money on products trying to clear my skin and did every diet under the sun. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs have cured my skin, solved my period problems and I am not longer stressed." - Emily (24, UK)
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"I got to the point where I totally normalized heavy periods and spending five days in bed every month. I felt like I was bleeding to death and constantly battling anaemia. My doctor gave me ZERO options for treatment.
I am so grateful I found Michelle, she has transformed my cycle. No more heavy periods and I have all my life-force back. She has educated me on how to navigate my lifestyle choices around my cycle and now my period no longer holds me back in any way. And, as an unexpected bonus, I don't suffer from fluid retention any more and my digestion is way better.." - Erin (36, Australia)
The Course Outline
The course will result in happier, healthier periods for you. It's divided into four easy-to-follow sections with a total of 21 modules containing written information and guidelines, diagrams and demonstration videos. It is start anytime and self-paced so you can study at your own pace. Whether you choose a module a week or a module a day, the choice and the knowledge is yours.
The Patterns of Natural and Chinese Medicine
Your Body and Your Cycle
Why the course exists, what is PMS, and understanding Natural and Chinese Medicine and their fundamental principles and their application.
An in-depth personal look at your nervous system, hormones, health history, and other factors that can have an impact on the four phases of your cycle.
Naturopathic detoxification concepts that apply to menstruation, and a variety of treatment strategies that can be self-implemented at home.
Modules focusing on the liver, digestive system, and kidneys and how they are connected to the menstrual cycle.
The treatment section provides an extensive tool kit of natural and Chinese medicine including how to use moxa sticks and the treatment of the liver, hormones, kidneys, blood deficiency, and treating and preventing menstrual pain.

At the end, you’ll have a greater understanding of PMS, period pain and hormonal imbalance, and how to not only treat the pain, but prevent it from happening.

Program Schedule & Overview

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Treat your PMS, Period Pain and Hormonal Imbalances naturally - learn to heal yourself.
Meet the instructor

Michelle Hansen

Michelle has vast clinical experience in Australia, and her last post saw her working in an Integrative Medical Centre and specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now located in Bali, she is as passionate today about helping people achieve their wellness goals as ever before.

Michelle has a particular interest in Women’s Health. As a woman and mother of three daughters, Michelle understands how debilitating periods and hormonal issues are and the extent to which they can undermine a woman’s ability to live her life to her full potential.

"The challenges of modernity, environmental toxins, poor nutrition and medications are just some of the reasons women are facing challenges to our health like never before. It’s no wonder that women are suffering through hormonal and metabolic disorders such as PCOS, endometriosis and menopause. Moreover, mood disorders are the “norm” and fertility is an issue. Clearly, our current medical approach is limited, and we need an alternative approach. Traditional Chinese Medicine is perfect for this niche.” - MICHELLE HANSEN
Patrick Jones - Course author
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