Intro - Choosing the Right Practice at the Right Time

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30 MIN

The Sun-Moon Series - Eight Complementary 'Mix n' Match' Classes to Keep You in Balance

We need different practices at different times…

Take a moment to tune inward and ask yourself "What practice will serve me at this time?" Then, choose the best class, or combination of classes to meet your unique needs and help rebalance the body and mind that day.Choose from eight complementary classes and mix n' match to create longer sequences if desired. The four SUN classes are strong, dynamic and energizing. The four MOON classes are more meditative, relaxing, and restorative. Each class is 30 minutes.

SUN 1 - Energise and Purify (sun salutes and spine mobilizing)
SUN 2 - Strength, Will and Endurance (arms & legs emphasis)
SUN 3 - Flexible Powerful Core Centre (belly & back emphasis)
SUN 4 - Playful Warrior Vinyasa

MOON 1 - Hip and Back Releasing
MOON 2 - Shoulders and Back Releasing
MOON 3 - Deeply Restore and Nourish
MOON 4 - Yoga Nidra


Choose SUN classes when you:
- Feel sluggish, down, scattered, unmotivated, weak
- Want to strengthen, empower, motivate, uplift and energize

Choose MOON classes when you:
- Feel anxious, overwhelmed, fatigued 
- Want to release tension, soften, slow down and restore

Choose SUN + MOON combination when you:
- Want to establish and maintain balance
- Want to practice regularly for growth and deepening your practice
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Meet the instructor

Tanya Kaps

Tanya had series of a powerful spiritual experiences that began nearly twenty years ago. In an attempt to orient herself, coupled by a fierce desire to know truth, she dedicated her life to exploring yoga and the nature of transformation and self-realization. Having studied through the lens of both Eastern and Western systems, and having partnered academic study with intense dedicated practice - she offers a rare and refined understanding that is both balanced and integrated. She has been teaching yoga internationally for 15 years. Tanya’s teaching emphasizes skillfully engaging with yoga as a spiritual practice to reveal the essence of who we are: already whole, already holy, already free. Tanya leads 200 and 300 hour trainings on the healing transformation and spiritual awakening process through the path of Yoga and Veda. Her wisdom, humility and compassion opens hearts and minds as she shines an inspiring light on the universality of the human journey and the power of yoga to guide us home.
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