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SUPER DELUXE plays Bhakti Roots Reggae lead by Vasudev with friends along the way – inspired by India, Rainbow Gatherings and flower power.
SUPER DELUXE started one day in 2005 around a kitchen table in Sweden when Ellen Molnia and Vasudev blended Indian bhajans with reggae and a touch of rock'n roll. This resulted in the album “Best Quality” in 2006. They had both spent a lot of time in India and on the road living the free hippie life. Since then, Ellen has mostly been doing other projects while joining every now and then. In 2008 they made a simple music video for the track Full power (now with more than 800 000 views on different accounts). The song Connection from the same album has passed a million views on YouTube. SUPER DELUXE moved with Vasudev around the world making live appearances in Goa, India (2010, 2014), Sweden (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), Norway (2011) and Bali, Indonesia (2015).

In 2021 Vasudev, vocal and guitar, Leo Caputti, vocal and harmonium, Sayuri Tanaka on charango, Adriana Olarte on bass along with different drummers were playing kirtan with a reggae groove under the name SOPA DE LUZ. It was kirtan for body and soul! It was this version of SUPER DELUXE that played at the Sound Shala for Bali Spirit Music. On djembe was Rob Recker. Marlia Coeur supported on backing vocal. SUPER DELUXE also played at Bali Spirit Festival in May 2022.
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