Rejuvenate and Restore: Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridians

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60 MIN

The kidney and urinary bladder meridians are associated with the element of water. Stress and exhaustion can put a great deal of strain on these organs, causing us to deplete our storehouse of chi and in turn effecting the health and vitality of all other organs, especially the reproductive system.

The kidney meridian begins in the little toe of each foot. It travels through the sole, the arch, and up the inside of the knees and thighs and enters our torso near the tailbone. It continues up along either side of our spine, connecting internally with our bladder and kidneys, to our throat ending at the root of our tongue. The urinary bladder meridian begins at the inside of our eyes. It travels up across our forehead and enters our brain. From here it travels down our back on either side of our spine. An internal branch connects to the kidneys and urinary bladder, while outer branches run all the way down the back of the legs ending at our little toe in each foot. The kidney-bladder pair is the foundation of balance for all other organ pairs. This pair is our storehouse of vital energy that must remain in balance for our system to work harmoniously. 

Shifting stagnation and vitalizing the kidney and bladder can help you emerge from loneliness, depression, and fear into hope, growth, and abundance. In this 60 minutes practice, the poses stretch and stimulate the back of the body, whilst we also pay particular attention to the jaw, neck and shoulders. Let the rhythmic flow of Seba’s music remind you that the possibility for change exists.
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Meet the instructor

Bex Tyrer

Bex is passionate about unwinding the wisdom within a woman’s body and celebrating its monthly cycles and life stages. Through her work, she skillfully incorporates practices that harness a woman’s vitality and deeper her connection to her unique inner waves and rhythms. The result is often a profound sense of self understanding and acceptance.  If you are keen to learn more about how to incorporate the wisdom of a woman’s body into your life (as a yoga teacher or for your personal spiritual journey) Bex offers several online courses, or various lengths and depths, on Teachable at “Freedom through Movement.”
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the musician


Sebastian Cuevas a.k.a. Sebatierra is a Chilean multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, music producer and sound healer based in Ubud. He is the founder of several iconic bands from Chile. He has collaborated with different national and international bands -- recording, producing and supporting healing music for more than 20 years, and has performed worldwide in several Festivals. For the last 20 years, Sebatierra has guided sound and crystal healings, he also is a Reiki Master in Karuna and Usui Method. Visit his Spotify and his Bandcamp.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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