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Meet the instructor

Juliya Light

Juliya Light’s yoga roots are from Tibetan Alternative Medicine School of Parapsychology "Wu-Wei". In the Egyptian Desert of the Sinai Peninsula, she mastered Shivananda Indian traditions from Dharamsala with Gaby Anjali. After her heart brought her to Bali to get certified in Hatha-Vinyasa Flow Styles YTT and she became a registered Yoga Alliance Trainer.
After several years of teaching and practice, Juliya went to India to study Advanced Vinyasa and Yin Chinese Medicine YTT, which helped her with relaxation skills and releasing old traumas.
She then returned to Bali to the Traditional Tantra training, following Patanjali lineage with Octavio Salvado. Afterwards, she got her “wings” to become a Fly High, Acro Yoga and Aerial Silks practitioner teacher with José Luis Jiménez.
Juliya Light continues her yoga adventure off the mat every day and tries to experience joy in everything around her.
Through her classes, Juliya loves sharing her passion for life and yoga with everyone.

Juliya's Classes

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