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30-Day Yoga Challenge

 Jan2-31, 2024

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 3 Live Sessions
 30 Videos
 49 Hours

Watch a Short Video from the Program - FREE

Interested and can't wait to see what this virtual retreat is like? Wanting a taste of what you will learn? Sign up for a free account and watch a 15-min video excerpt from the satsang (spiritual talk) portion of Day 3 of this 30-day transformational journey.

Course Lessons

Treat yourself to a 30-day reset of the mind, body, and soul.

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or just in need of some spiritual rejuvenation?
AWAKEN 2024 is the program for you.

AWAKEN 2024 is your unique opportunity to delve deeper into the world of alignment-rich, heart-centered yoga and spirituality from the comfort of your home. Step into a streamlined encapsulation of the most powerful yoga teaching and practices for spiritual awakening, rooted in sacred Vedic knowledge. Discover serenity through our highly potent program.

Heal the past.
Create the future.
Be the change - here and now.
It all starts from the first practice..

"I've been doing yoga for six or seven years and I've never done a program like that before. I had never really gotten such a clear, concentrated form like this program, which is what helped me connect my mind, body, and spirit" - Tiffany, USA
"The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and acceptance of love." - Marianne Williamson


Your transformational journey starts on 2 JAN 2024 with Tanya Kaps, divided into two-hour videos to watch at your own convenience. Start your mornings with the quiet serenity of AWAKEN 2024 or redefine self care with a curated two hour session tailored into your daily lifestyle. You’ll finish each session feeling cleansed and tranquil, ready to tackle the day with a clear mind.
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This is your invitation to breathe and move away from the stresses of everyday life. Take it: you’ll never look back.

This unique program is your 2024 awakening into a whole new you. This sacred space combines yoga, meditation, and powerful practices to bring calm and presence to the soul. Gain insight from Tanya's 20+ years of study and embodiment practices of sacred Vedic knowledge repurposed for you in this historic time.

Discover what happens with:

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Daily yoga instills presence in the soul and peace in the mind. Once you’re in a routine of starting your day with yoga, it’s a habit you’ll want to keep. Each day of AWAKEN 2024 starts with an all-levels yoga Asana class, which strengthens and opens both your body and mind. As the days continue, you’ll discover new techniques for deepening self-awareness and mastery in your yoga practice. We’ll journey together through the 30 days, exploring the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual domains of our practice.


From yoga we’ll ease into meditation, focusing on the present, increasing self-awareness, and reducing negative emotions. We’ll learn and practice the four fundamental meditation techniques as taught in the Vedas that will prepare your body-mind vehicle for deeper spiritual insight and awakening. As the program continues, you’ll find yourself more productive, focused, and calm, with a clear head and increased attention span.
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We’ll follow each meditation with a satsang (spiritual talk). Each day, you’ll receive one of 30 key teachings that speak to the heart of why we suffer and how we can be truly free amidst the highs and lows of life. In doing so, we will become great contributors to the change being called forth on this planet.

What you will learn:

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STEP 1 - Set a clear intention & vision

Search within to ask yourself what is really important to you and what you value. Learn how to bring that to the top of your priority list, to the forefront of your mind and create a very clear, pointed intention for creating this reality in your life. 
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STEP 2 - Create a state of consciousness

Bring yourself to a state of happiness, empowerment, clarification of your purpose, feel grounded and vital as you marry your intent in your mind. You’ll create the state you wish to experience as if you have already achieved this vision.
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STEP 3 – Take action

You’ll learn to speak about your vision and to take steps to actualize this vision in the world. The inner world creation - thoughts physiology – the body, and the outer world, all fuse together to come into alignment as you take steps and speak about your vision.
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STEP 4 – Repetition

The last and most challenging step, and the very impetus behind our AWAKEN 30-Day Challenge is the repetition. To show up and do it again every single day.


What participants say

Awaken was super meaningful to me and I had a really great experience. You can tell so much thought and care went into the program. For my journey, I mainly started yoga as a physical practice and then discovered there was a lot of really great benefits for my mind as well. There were always spiritual teachings subtly woven through the practices I would go to at my local yoga studio but I had never really gotten them in such a clear concentrated form like this program which is what helped me connect a lot of dots between my mind // body // spirit.
Tiffany, USA
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This is your chance to envision the life you wish to live, to feel the feelings you wish to have by taking action every single day, for 30 days.

…Take a step into the infinite …. Enrollment closes JAN 2!

Enrollment gives you access during the 30-day challenge + additional 10 days to catch up with any classes you have missed.
Meet the instructor

Tanya Kaps

Tanya’s series of powerful spiritual experiences began nearly twenty years ago. In an attempt to orient herself, coupled by a fierce desire to know the truth, she dedicated her life to exploring yoga and the nature of transformation and self-realization. Having studied through the lens of both Eastern and Western systems, and having partnered academic study with intense dedicated practice - she offers a rare and refined understanding that is both balanced and integrated. She’s been teaching yoga internationally for 20 years. Tanya’s teaching emphasizes skillfully engaging with yoga as a spiritual practice to reveal the essence of who we are: already whole, already holy, already free. Tanya leads 200 and 300 hour trainings on the healing transformation and spiritual awakening process through the paths of Yoga and Veda. Her wisdom, humility, and compassion promises to open your heart and mind as she shines an inspiring light on the universality of the human journey and the power of yoga to guide us home.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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