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Advance with online yoga programs in interactive, expert-led anatomy, transformation and personal development.

Find your favorite Yoga Barn teacher or international facilitator with self-paced course formats, live Zoom workshops and global networking opportunities. Our ever-expanding program calendar will offer you a range of programs to follow from day-based online retreats to habit-changing rituals and immersions. 

We guarantee you will enjoy the best of Bali yoga trainings online.

Programs with live  online sessions

 Live Zoom introduction on Oct 9 or Oct 11

Reiki Level 1 Online Training with Melani Koch

Do you want to heal yourself? Do you want to re-balance your energy, emotions and physical body, and be initiated into the Reiki energy?
Open new doors in your life and enhance your sensibilities, sense of self and intuition.
Become a certified Level 1 practitioner by learning the technique for sharing Reiki with yourself and others, this includes people, plants, animals, food, spaces & crystals. 
 Live Zoom introduction on Oct 30 or Nov 1

Reiki Level 2 Online Training with Melani Koch

Do you want to help others? Do you want to hold space and heal with the Reiki energy? The initiation into the second level of Reiki will change you. It will increase the power and intensity of the healings, you will receive access to greater energy and develop your understanding and deepen your connection to the practice of Reiki. It introduces new techniques which work with ancient symbols. 
 Daily Live Zoom sessions Oct 10 - Oct 17

7-Day Lymphatic Detox

Is it time to revitalize your energy, support healing, move stagnation, reduce swelling and overall puffiness? See and feel positive results from this specialized lymphatic system detox in just 7 days. This online retreat is for everyone and includes a full preparation manual, daily check-ins and personalized care. You will also connect with other detoxers online, laugh and share daily goals and experience how detoxing equals personal empowerment.  

Self-paced programs & retreats (start anytime)

Learn how to heal and relieve your Period Pain

PMS, Period Pain & Hormonal Relief for Menstruating Women

Do you suffer from PMS, Period Pain and Hormonal Imbalances?

This self-help course created by holistic healthcare practitioner and clinical acupuncturist Michelle Hansen will educate you on what Premenstrual Tension (PMS) is, why women experience it and how to heal with the Natural and Chinese Medicine way. 
Learn how the breath heals

The Anatomy of the Breath

Expediate illness recovery. Boost Immunity. Relieve stress, anxiety & worry.
Understanding diaphragmatic anatomy and how it functions is the link to becoming intimate with your breath and increasing your vitality. By completing this course you will enhance your capacity to self manage stress and self-heal. 
3-day yoga & personal development retreats

"Living Yinly" Online Wellness Retreats with Sharni Quinn

Do you wish to create more joy, balance & freedom in your life? Sharni shares her concept of ‘Living Yinly’ and why it’s essential to bring more Yin to your Yang so you can come back to balance, stress less, live more and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!
See her 5 individual retreats built on her 14 years in the Wellness Industry with 11 years teaching yoga in Cape Town, South Africa and on women's retreats to Bali. 
7-day meditation, yoga practice & yoga philosophy

"I Am Home, I Am Free " 7-Day Retreat with Tanya Kaps

Harness the alchemical power of yoga!

The focus of this individual retreat is to reveal and unfold the power and importance of the 4 core practices that lie at the heart of yoga. By revisiting and practicing them daily, you will discover your own innate alchemical power to shift moments of suffering into moments of true freedom.
21-day program of yoga & insights to change your life

21-Day Life Reset Program with Nadine McNeil

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit! Join Nadine on this 21 day day intention fueled, low intensity but high impact, just like Nadine. It supports a busy lifestyle with plenty of motivation to make your dreams a reality.
7 yoga sessions to help you move through grief

Yoga for Living with Loss with Sheena Nancy Sarles

Experience how to navigate grief, our losses, without getting lost.

This is your opportunity to explore traditional yogic techniques such as breathing practices, gentle yoga movements, meditation and rest. Learning through the lens of the 7 chakras, this series of 45-minute yoga classes, teaches how the spiritual, emotional and physical body respond to grief. 
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