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from Stressed to Success

3-Day Mini Course

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 9,10,11 February



9, 10, 11 February
8 am (GMT+8)
live session
FREE | Wellness Business: From Stressed to Success (90-min)
(Recording will be available)

Discover the roadmap to a successful wellness business in 6 simple steps!

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Sign up for this FREE 3-Day Mini-Course (starting on the 9th of February 2022) and learn how to transform from feeling overwhelmed, stuck and stressed to knowing the next steps for creating a scalable, sustainable & successful wellness business.

In this FREE 3-Day Mini-Course...

You will discover:
  • What does success mean for you?
  • Why now is the most critical time to be stepping into your light?
  • How to save time, money and energy on your path forward.
  • Where to start?
  • How to transition from feeling stuck in your business to having a plan going forward and clear direction on how to get there.
  • Techniques on how to run a scalable, sustainable & successful wellness business in a gentle and authentic way.
  • A few secret tips - from my own personal experience
    of 15 years in the wellness industry - and how you can create more freedom, joy and balance in your life and business!
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This FREE Mini-Course is for you, if you…

Are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or stressed out when it comes to taking steps for your business in terms of what you do, and how to offer your passions with the world.

Want to create a business that is not only successful but that is scalable & sustainable as well!

Want to know the simple and easy way to build a thriving business.

Wish to be a successful entrepreneur, but also want to have a life at the same time.

Want more clarity on your direction and purpose. 

What are you waiting for?


Discover the roadmap to a successful wellness business in 3-days & 6 simple steps!


Win wellness prizes to the value of MORE THAN $1,000 when you share the 3-Day Mini-Course with your friends!

Yes, it's been a tough few years, but this is now your chance to change that! You can swing things around by possibly being our winner of one of these 3 inspirational prizes...
  • Wellness Business Success: LEVEL 1 - Online Group Program starting on 16th  February 2022.
    - Valued at $590
  • 'REDESIGN YOUR BUSINESS’ Strategy Intensive 1:1 Coaching session with Sharni.
    - Valued at $347
  • 12 Month Subscription to Yoga Barn Online.
    - Valued at $120
Meet the instructor

Sharni Quinn

Sharni Quinn - or ‘Shiny Queen’ as she’s affectionately known in Bali - is an international Hatha, Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher; InnerLifeSkills®️ Coach; published author; motivational speaker, and wellness business entrepreneur.

With a passion for Yoga, Sharni’s taught over 6 500 Yoga classes since 2007; launched Cape Town Yoga Experiences; plus founded and successfully sold Follow the Sun – a Women’s Wellness company. She was the Yoga expert for Natural Medicine World; created successful Corporate Wellness Programs; wrote and self-published her book ‘Follow the Sun’; plus inspired hundreds of women worldwide through her coaching, retreats and ‘Living Yinly’ online program.

Now, she lives a simple life in Bali, teaching Yoga and supporting fellow spiritual entrepreneurs in face to face wellness business coaching workshops and courses.
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