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Do you wish to connect to abundance and open up to the gifts of the Universe? The more you slow down and tune in, the more you are open to receiving the gifts!

This is the last retreat if you are enjoying 'Live Your Best Life' as a step-by-step journey. Manifesting' is the final stage of transforming your life.

Over these next 3 days, discover how to care for your body, re-look your money mindset, and be supported by your soul and mama earth!

This program supports you to learn how to bust your money myths, create positive beliefs, and discover how to attract abundance and all that you wish. 

It's a magical process! Enjoy!

What you will receive...

Start with 1 retreat or buy the complete step by step series with all 5 as a discounted bundle.

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Manifest Retreat is Step 5 of 'Live Your Best Life' Series

Learn how to bust your money myths, create positive beliefs, and discover how to attract abundance in this program.
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'Live Your Best Life' Complete Retreat Series

Create more Joy, Balance and Freedom in your life... starting now!
Meet the instructor

Sharni Quinn

Sharni Quinn - or ‘Shiny Queen’ as she is affectionately known in Bali - is an international Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher; InnerLifeSkills® Coach; published author; motivational speaker, and wellness business entrepreneur. She’s also a ray of sunshine who lights up the world with each step she takes! 

Since her first YTT in 2007, Sharni has taught more than 
6,500 Yoga classes; launched the business Cape Town Yoga Experiences; plus founded and successfully sold Follow the Sun – a Women’s Wellness company. She was the Yoga expert on the panel for Natural Medicine World; created the ‘Healthy Habits for Busy People’ Corporate Wellness Program; wrote and self-published her book ‘Follow the Sun’; plus inspired hundreds of women worldwide through her coaching, retreats and her ‘Live Your Best Life’ Online Transformation and Yoga Programs. 

Since redesigning her own life after burnout, she now lives a between Bali and Cape Town supporting fellow spiritual entrepreneurs through wellness business coaching and mentoring. 

Sharni is passionate about guiding others to stress less, live more, work less and thrive more so we can all shine and live our best lives… but without burning out and losing ourselves in the process!

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