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Somatic Yoga Series: Mind Body Soul Explorations

Specialised Guided Meditation Master Classes

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 3 Videos
 1.5 Hours
 All levels

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 Enjoy the benefits:

Process emotions through mindful movement
Integrate physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects
Find alignment and inner peace
Discover your authentic self

Class 1. Finding Strength and Grace: Dynamic Structure 

Inspired by Anusara yoga, this class guides you through challenging yet joyful sequences that build stability and suppleness. Tune into your inner critic and transform judgment into self-compassion. Feel amazing in your body while refining your alignment with detailed instruction.
Props: Blocks, cushion    

Class 2. Sensuality in Motion: Somatic Flow

Awaken your body's wisdom through this gentle yet invigorating somatic flow class. From subtle movements to playful explorations, deepen your awareness of physical, emotional, and energetic dimensions. Connect with your inner landscape and dance with your authentic self.
Props: Bolster, block   

Class 3. Unmasking Your True Self: Internal Journey

Embark on a transformative visualization meditation guided by Internal Family Systems principles. Discover the difference between your authentic essence and protective "parts" that might be holding you back. Learn to integrate all aspects of yourself with compassion, fostering harmony and alignment within.
Props: Bolster, blanket 

All levels welcome
There are no specific precautions, listen to your body and modify as needed.

It is ideal to do these practices in the morning, but they are suitable anytime for a reset. Morning practice promotes calmness throughout the day. 

All experience levels welcome.

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Meet the instructor

Lawrence Jay

Lawrence Jay (LJ) has been practicing yoga for 2 decades and teaching for almost 15 years. His experience includes being faculty at the most prominent international yoga studios. He completed his first teacher training in 2007 with PureYoga Hong Kong's founding teacher, Patrick Creelman. Since then, LJ has completed thousands of hours of training with some of the most respected teachers in the world, such as: John Friend, Ana Forrest, Andrey Lappa, Tara Judelle, Schyler Grant, breathwork with Wim Hof, anatomy studies with Ellen Heed, and craniosacral work with Hugh Milne.

Lawrence opened Russia's first official Hot Yoga Studio in 2013, where he learned to speak Russian fluently and resulted in him becoming one of Russia's most popular teachers in Russia. Before Russia. His classes focus on creating a deep connection to self, using dynamic movement that focuses on alignment and creative exploration. Self-expression through yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Lawrence has spent time coaching all levels of physical ability, from 9-5 office workers, to professional athletes, creating programs that sharpen concentration, discipline, physical longevity and most importantly, quality of life.
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