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A truly transformational practice is so much more than yoga, and our carefully curated expert facilitators have created a series of deep dive experiences to take your practice off the mat and into many other important areas of life. Or try our short yoga challenges.

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Don't miss these opportunities to engage directly with our experts and gain new insights on health, wellness, personal development or even business success. Here's the list of upcoming webinars and mini-courses:
 Live Zoom session on March 26

FREE Meditation Talks with Punnu Singh Wasu

Join Punnu Singh Wasu, one of our leading senior meditation teachers at The Yoga Barn online in his free talk. Punnu has over 35 years of profound knowledge and rich experience that he will share with you in his live talk about how to start a daily practice, and deeper dive conversation on the benefits of meditation and much more. Sign up now here.

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Take a peak into our virtual retreat and wellness education programs by watching free videos with our expert instructors. Check out each program for details and a link to watch the free sample  

Virtual Retreats and Live Sessions

Interactive and immersive virtual experiences delivered live, designed to give you a deeply transformational experience that impacts how you live your life.

Reiki Level 1 Online Training

with Melani Koch

Healing with Reiki Online Training
 Live Zoom introduction on April 1 & 3
If you're looking for self-healing, a rebalanced mind and more control over your emotions and physical energy, it's time to be initiated into Reiki energy techniques. Learn how to enhance and master your sensitivities and expand your sense of self and intuition. Explore the techniques for sharing Reiki with yourself and others during our Level 1 course, using methods that can help people, plants, animals, food, spaces and crystals.

Reiki Level 2 Online Training

with Melani Koch

Healing with Reiki Online Training
 Live Zoom introduction April 1 & 3
This life changing second level Reiki Training elevates your knowledge and ability to help others, hold space and heal with Reiki energy. Learn how to increase the power and intensity of your healing, how to receive access to greater energy and how to significantly develop your understanding and deepen your connection to the practice of Reiki. By the end, you'll have learned new techniques, which work with ancient symbols, to heighten your knowledge forever.

7-Day Meditation Course

with Punnu Singh Wasu

7-Day Meditation
 Start anytime, join live Q&A on April 13, and other dates
This rich, informative seven-day meditation course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from Punnu Singh Wasu, one of the world's most sought after mediation teachers. Consolidating his 35 years of spirituality, healing and meditation into seven days, you'll learn the history, philosophy, and scientific knowledge behind meditation as well as new techniques, benefits and insights of six different meditation styles. Experience how mantra, mudras, breath, concentration techniques, music and movement affect your body and your mind, while learning how to use them to your advantage.

7-Day Lymphatic Detox

with Oksana Sokol

7-Day Guided Detox Online
 Daily Live Zoom sessions June 1-7
This online guided Lymphatic Detox program is for everyone and includes a full preparation manual, daily check-ins and personalized care.  We will focus on boosting your immune system, cleansing away pain and inflammation, shifting excess weight and flush out water retention

This 7-day retreat will revive beginners, regular detoxers. Find out more to join live zoom calls & expert talks for motivation.

Online Programs (start anytime, self-paced)

Self-guided educational programs, designed to help you deepen your knowledge and elevate your practice. Start anytime, learn at your own pace, enjoy lifetime access.

Harmonium A to Z+: Basic Level


The easiest and fastest method to learn harmonium from scratch
"There is something magical about the vibration a harmonium creates." 
Harmonium A to Z+ is the easiest and fastest method to learn harmonium from scratch. This course will excite, inspire and have you playing with awesome versatility from easy, straightforward guidance. This is the beginners course offering you the foundation to later progress to further learning with confidence and joy. 

21-Day Yoga & Conscious Rituals

with Nadine McNeil

21-day program of yoga & insights to change your life
Science has proven that it takes just 21 days to change a habit! Join Nadine on this 21-day, intention-fueled yoga and conscious rituals program. It’s designed to be low intensity but high impact, just like Nadine. Created to fit seamlessly with a busy lifestyle, you’ll discover new angles of motivation to make your dreams a reality.

"Living Yinly" Online Wellness

with Sharni Quinn

5 Steps Life Transformation Online Retreat
Would you love to experience more joy, balance & freedom in your life? If yes, Sharni’s ‘Living Yinly’ will show you why it’s essential to bring more Yin to your Yang so you can come back to balance, stress less, live more and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!
See her 5 individual programs built on her 14 years in the Wellness Industry with 11 years teaching yoga in Cape Town, South Africa and on women's retreats to Bali.

Grow Awareness to Resilience
"I Am Home, I Am Free " 7-Day Yoga Immersion

with Tanya Kaps

7-day cultivate resilience & awareness with meditation, yoga practice & yoga philosophy
Harness the alchemical power of yoga!
Learn how empowerment cultivated through personal practices underpins resilience within, stabilizing mental and emotional balance in the modern world. The focus of this individual program is to reveal and unfold the power and importance of the four core practices that lie at the heart of yoga. By revisiting and practicing them daily throughout the program, you will discover your own innate alchemical power to shift moments of suffering into moments of true freedom.

Burnout to Balance for Moms

Learn how to shift from Burnout to Balance
Burnout to Balance™ is our carefully-curated online coaching portal, designed specifically for working mothers who want to energize their lives. Over a two week period, you'll learn how to wake up with a spring in your step and to see yourself on a clear pathway to a transformed mindset. These tools will give you the energy to start enjoying family life and living it to the full. This course was created by a mom for moms and requires only 20 minutes a day, five days a week. That's all you need to start feeling some serious soul-level shifts within your life!

PMS, Period Pain & Hormonal Relief for Menstruating Women

Learn how to heal and relieve your Period Pain
Do you suffer from PMS, Period Pain or Hormonal Imbalances?

Empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate your cycles with ease and grace through our program designed by holistic healthcare practitioner and clinical acupuncturist Michelle Hansen. Together, you'll demystify Premenstrual Tension (PMS) and learn why we experience it and how to heal naturally with Chinese medicine. Peace, tranquility, and a greater understanding await.

The Anatomy of the Breath

Learn how the breath heals
Expedite illness recovery. Boost Immunity. Relieve stress, anxiety and worry. The breath is the most under-utilized tool for physical, mental and emotional healing, and it's one we can access anywhere - once we know how to, correctly. Understanding diaphragmatic anatomy and how it functions is the link to becoming intimate with your breath and increasing your vitality. Complete this program to enhance your capacity to self-heal, self-manage stress, and boost any existing clinical practice.

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